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Misting Systems

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Misters on Your Patio

By September 12, 2016December 21st, 2023No Comments
installing misters on patio

One of your favorite pastimes may include sitting on your patio and simply immersing yourself in nature. Although your home’s patio may be a popular spot for relaxation or for spending quality time with family and friends, it might be impractical to use it during the sweltering dog days of summer. However, a patio misting system can help you create a patio environment that is cooler and more inviting than you may have ever thought was possible during the hot summer months.

Why Install Misters For Your Patio?

Patio misting systems can work well for golf courses, community centers, restaurants and bars, hotels, and venues, in addition to homes and residential areas. These systems provide a natural, low-energy-use option to cool the air using evaporation. They offer a welcome alternative to noisy, powerful fans that simply blow hot air around an already hot outdoor space.

Considerations for Misting System Installation

If you are going to install a misting system on your own, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. By carefully selecting both the system and the configuration, you can have the cool space you have always wanted and save money on the installation of the misting system. Here are some mistakes to avoid in order to maximize the cooling ability of your patio misting fan:

  1. Not understanding air circulation: With typical misting systems, the natural movement of the air through the cooling process requires continual airflow to provide the maximum cooling effect. Patio misting fans move air down to the surface, making these fans more effective even if there is no direct natural air circulation.
  2. Not considering obstructions: While misting fans are designed for a specific square footage, this is open space square footage. If your patio has different areas that are divided by walls or other obstructions that limit air movement, the square footage of coverage will also be reduced.
  3. Stretching the square footage: If you want to use all of your outdoor living space, don’t stretch the coverage of misting fans. For example, if you have a 1,000-foot area with one or two walls or dividers, a more effective option may be to choose three 400-square-foot fans rather than one 900-square-foot model.
  4. Selecting the wrong nozzle: It is essential to start with top-quality standard misting nozzles, and only to use the number of nozzles the patio misting system pump is rated for. Adding more nozzles will decrease the effectiveness of the system, and result in poor performance. In areas that have hard water, which can cause lime-scale buildup, or areas that use water with high mineral content, it is important to use a filtering system in the intake line to protect the tubing and nozzles with a filtering system. 
  5. Choosing the wrong pump size: Designed to run on a water supply from the house, typically an outside faucet, patio misting systems need to have a pump to boost the pressure in the lines, and force the water through the very fine holes in the nozzle to create microdroplets of water. When the pump is too small, there is simply not enough pressure through all the nozzles. This result is some or all of the nozzles, particularly more distant from the pump, drip rather than spray. This will decrease the effectiveness of the system, and also lead to a wet mess under these nozzles. 

Professional Misting System Installations With Fogco

At Fogco, we sell the filter to remove sediments, as well as a phosphate cartridge that removes calcium from the water. This will help your nozzles to continue to deliver that fine spray of water, saving you in replacements costs, and providing a longer life for the entire misting system. Get a free quote today to get started installing your own patio misting system.

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