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Options In Industrial Portable Misting Fans

By August 14, 2017January 22nd, 2024No Comments

At Fogco, we specialize in a range of different misting, fogging and humidification systems for industrial applications. The majority of our products are designed to be permanently installed in a facility where there is a constant need for dust or odor control, humidification, temperature control or a combination of these requirements.

Why Use A Portable Fogger

Sometimes, and in certain applications, our standard types of industrial misting systems are not the correct option for the job. In this case, we offer the option of portable misting fans that can be used both indoors or out.

The portable misting fans, we offer can be mounted on a wall, trailer or a cart depending on where they will need to be transported and used. They are durable and rugged and built for industrial use. These systems are for large spaces or smaller areas, but both are extremely effective at supplying the humidity needed for any type of application.

Fogco’s Portable Misting Fans

Our Evolution humidification system is designed to be able to direct fog in a specific area, but it will cover up to 1000 square feet or 10,000 cubic feet. This is a small, compact and very durable fan that will effectively fog any area up to 50 feet from the cannon and in a 20-foot width. It is an ideal option when there is a low ceiling or restricted access that makes standard types of ceiling mounts impossible or ineffective.

We also offer systems for dust suppression and odor control. While these can be used indoors, it is also highly effective outdoors, offers greater power to push fog over a longer distance and a greater surface area.

If you are interested in more information on our portable misting fans or misting systems, get in touch with our staff today. We can talk to you about your needs and recommend the best product match.

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