Mining Dust Suppression Systems Cut Down on Exposure to Dusty Conditions

Dust suppression systems can really come in handy for those who work in a variety of different industries. Mining dust suppression is especially important to those who work in and around mines on a regular basis. It can get very dusty in an active mine, which can bring the air quality down dramatically. It can make it almost impossible for people to work and puts them in danger if they’re using heavy equipment. Dust from mines has even been shown to cause health issues in those who are exposed to it all the time. It’s why those in the mining industry are turning to dust control solutions, like Fogco’s, to cut down on the exposure to dusty conditions.

Stop Dust From Wreaking Havoc on Mine Sites

Fogco designed our dust suppression systems to knock dust down out of the air and send it back towards the ground. It performs mining dust suppression by sending a large amount of fine water droplets into the air to capture dust and redirect it to the ground. This stops the dust from wreaking havoc on a mining site and makes the conditions a lot more manageable for those who work in them. Fogco’s patented products can suppress just about all the dust in the air at a mining site.

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