Suppress Dust in the Air on Construction & Demolition Sites

A construction site can be a very dangerous place when there’s too much dust in the air. It can make it difficult for construction workers to operate heavy equipment safely. It can also cause air quality issues and make it hard for people to breathe. If construction site dust suppression is an issue for you, Fogco’s Dust Suppression System is the answer to your problem. You can prevent dust from building up in the air and keep the conditions safe for your employees.

Knock Dust Towards the Ground

The Fogco’s Dust Suppression Systems can also come in handy on demolition sites. Any time you’re knocking walls down or bringing down entire buildings, there is going to be an inordinate amount of dust in the air. Our dust suppression systems will allow you to perform demolition site dust suppression quickly and easily. It sends tiny water droplets out into the air that will knock down dust and redirect it towards the ground. This will stop dust from causing problems on your demolition site in no time.

Fogco offers several systems for those looking for effective dust control solutions for construction and demolition sites. Get a free quote to find the right system for your operation.

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