warehouse dust suppression methods

Warehouse Dust Control Challenges

Dust is no stranger to the warehouse. Small particles become airborne as a result of constant grinding, crushing, dumping, and material handling. A dusty workplace is a hazard to your workers and is one of the largest causes of work-related illness.

Get your warehouse dust under control with a high-pressure fog system from Fogco.

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How Fogco Reduces Warehouse Dust

A dust suppression system uses a stream of high-pressure fog to capture and control dust. Once the fog contains the dust particles, they are pushed to the ground and completely eliminated from the air. Fogco offers dust suppression solutions to tackle your dusty indoor and outdoor warehouse environments.

Indoor & Outdoor Dust Control for Tough Jobs

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The Revolution®

Our Revolution® series is a smart choice for dust suppression as it provides more dust control than traditional static lines.

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The Evolution®

For smaller applications, the Evolution® is ideal. This humidification fan is designed to control your warehouse’s moisture while providing optimum dust suppression.

All Fogco fans require the addition of a high-pressure 1,000 PSI pump to achieve ideal performance.

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Evolution Humidification Fan Category Image

Control Your Warehouse Dust With Fogco

The Benefits of Warehouse Dust Reduction Systems

Dust suppression provides a myriad of benefits that will boost your warehouse productivity and keep your workers safe. Contact Fogco when you’re ready to:

Increase Warehouse Productivity

Improve Worker Health & Safety

Become OSHA Compliant

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Warehouse Dust Control FAQ

Is Warehouse Dust Bad for You?

Yes, warehouse dust is one of the leading causes of workplace illnesses.

What Are the Best Methods for Warehouse Dust Control?

Containing and eliminating dust with Fogco’s dust suppression systems is the best way to get warehouse dust under control.

How Does a Fogging System for Dust Control Work?

A fogging system emits a fine, atomized mist that helps contain floating dust particles. The fog then pushes these particles to the ground, eliminating them from the air.

Does Reducing Warehouse Dust Improve Air Quality?

Yes, Fogco’s dust suppression systems help improve air quality and the overall health of warehouse workers.

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