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Optimize Your Cannabis Production With a Grow Room Humidifier System

There’s no doubt about it—the industrial cannabis production industry is growing. 

Growers understand how important climate control is for cannabis cultivation and the challenges associated with it. Like all plants, cannabis breathes carbon dioxide (CO2) by opening its stomata—or, better known as, its pores. When these pores open, water is released from the plant and into the microclimate after traveling throughout its entire body. 

Plants are a lot like humans—they need water to thrive and survive. Low humidification levels can cause the cannabis plant to dehydrate and die due to the lack of water vapor. That’s why implementing a proper humidification system during the earliest stages of a cannabis plant’s life is crucial for successful growth.  Maintaining the proper vapor pressure deficit (VPD) throughout the process will allow for ultimate yields and quality.

Why Is Cannabis Humidity Important?

Humidifiers are essential for those cultivating cannabis as they can help regulate the humidity levels and keep them at the optimum level. Plants need a certain humidity level to flourish, and the plant’s root system must be moist. That’s where FogCo’s misting systems come in. 

When properly installed and regularly maintained, the FogCo misting system will effectively regulate the temperature and humidity of your indoor cultivation, resulting in improved productivity, increased plant health, and higher profits.

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How Can I Tell If Cannabis Needs More or Less Humidity?

The ideal humidity for cannabis changes depending on its growth state. For example, the recommended levels of a flowering plant range between 40-50%, while a seedling needs to be nurtured at around 70-80% humidity. During these critical stages of growth, a grower can use a traditional line system or Fogco’s humidification fan products for large open spaces.

Some cannabis production facilities require increased humidity levels during the various stages of propagation and harvest. When adding humidity in large open areas during the flowering stage, a traditional line system or one of Fogco’s proprietary Fog Fan products can be used.

The drying and curing processes will usually be in smaller more confined areas. For maintaining slightly elevated humidity levels during these stages of the harvesting process, the Fogco cannabis humidifier, Evolution Mini, is a perfect solution.

How Cannabis Humidifiers Promote Healthy Plant Growth & Production

Water is a plant’s lifeline, and an industrial humidification system is designed to keep cannabis facilities functioning properly without the stress of creating optimum humidity. There are several reasons why humidification systems promote healthy plant growth, such as:

1. Prevent Root Rot

Humidification systems help prevent the dreaded root rot. Root rot is caused by insufficient water and oxygen, causing the plant to wilt and look rather sickly. Overwatering and under-watering are two of the most common causes of root rot, so when the humidity levels are too high or low, the risk of root rot increases.

Root rot is contagious and can infect your entire crop if not addressed right away. By controlling your humidity levels with FogCo’s humidification systems, you can prevent root rot and avoid major financial setbacks.

2. Reduce Mold Risk

Mold is dangerous for plants and humans. Like root rot, mold can spread to neighboring cannabis plants within your facility. Molds like Aspergillus and Penicillium can be found indoors, can destroy your crop, and can harm your health. 

Maintaining your indoor humidity levels and vapor pressure deficit (VPD) will help prevent your plants from becoming susceptible to mold growth and will keep you and your team safe from breathing in dangerous spores.

3. Increase Savings

Proper humidification is vital for protecting your crop from infectious diseases—but it’s also a way to protect your wallet. If you are concerned about increased utility bills after installing your facility’s new climate control system, don’t be.

A Fogco humidification system can save you money by preventing damage to your cannabis facility’s machinery and electronics through the regulation of moisture levels. Since a humidification system helps ensure correct temperatures, the benefits of a Fogco system can appear as decreased utility costs over time.

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Our Humidification Products

Industrial cannabis production has quickly risen in popularity. However, the rapid growth of medicinal and recreational cannabis use has left industrial growers in search of large-scale solutions. Luckily, Fogco can help. 

When it comes to cannabis production and cultivation, Fogco offers misting kits and custom cannabis humidifiers designed to fit your specific needs. Below are Fogco’s best-selling humidification systems that can help transform your cannabis production and boost your plant’s health through innovative technology.

The Revolution®

As FogCo’s flagship product, the Revolution®:

  • Includes a 2100 CFM humidification misting fan
  • Disperses mist up to 30’ and can cover up to 3600 square feet
  • Is available as a ceiling mount 

The Revolution does not come with nozzles but in most cases is used with our .008” stainless steel cleanable anti-drip nozzles.

Revolution Humidification Fan Category Image
Revolution II Humidification Fan Category Image

The Revolution® II

For smaller industrial areas, The Revolution® II:

  • Includes a 250 CFM internally mounted fan
  • Disperses mist up to 15’ and can cover up to 900 square feet

This is a smaller version of the Revolution and does not include nozzles. Like its bigger brother, it is used most commonly with the .008” stainless steel cleanable anti-drip nozzle.

The Evolution

The Evolution misting fan is sufficient for indoor areas with restricted height and narrow applications. This misting fan:

  • Incorporates a ‘cannon’ design
  • Includes 250 CFM and projects up to 50’ of fog
  • Can be used for cooling, humidification, and dust control

Like the Revolution and Revolution II, this product does not come with a nozzle but can be used with our standard or cleanable nozzle with a .006” or .008” orifice. If you need additional moisture, the Evolution can be used with our 3 nozzle cluster.

Evolution Humidification Fan
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Cannabis Humidification, Made Easy

Large-scale cannabis production is challenging—but it doesn’t have to be with Fogco’s humidification systems. From sprawling warehouses to smaller greenhouses, our industrial cooling and humidification fans are designed to fit a variety of industrial spaces. 

To find out which humidification system is right for your industrial cannabis cultivation, contact us or drop one of Fogco’s misting experts a line at (888) 230-1787.

Make Your Plants Grow With a Fogco Cannabis Humidifier

Ready to grow your industrial cannabis production? Start with an industrial-friendly humidification system. For over 30 years, Fogco has been helping businesses grow through innovative product development through cooling systems, humidification systems, and cannabis odor control. Our propriety line of humidity fans was developed based upon feedback from growers such as yourself to provide the most optimal humidification solution on the market. 

At Fogco, we provide sustainable greenhouse humidification solutions for cannabis growers, both big and small. Industrialized cannabis production is growing fast—make sure humidity control is at the top of your to-do list so you can avoid complications, grow healthy plants, and increase productivity.

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