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Golf Course Cooling & Misting Systems

Golf courses are supposed to provide peace, quiet, and comfort. So when the temperature starts to climb, things get hot on the green—and fast. High temperatures and physical exertion can lead to discomfort, fatigue, and even heat-related illnesses.

Instead of putting players at risk, Fogco offers cutting-edge cooling solutions for golf courses and clubhouses.

Cool Your Course

Golf Club Cooling Challenges & Solutions

Designing a golf clubhouse takes a little bit of planning. Give golfers a place to relax by utilizing our high-pressure misting technology. Our Misting Systems create a fine mist that evaporates quickly, lowering the temperature on and off the course.

How Fogco Can Help Provide a Misting System

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The Revolution® Series

Our flagship series offers coverage for clubhouses and courses of up to 30 feet. The Revolution® model features a powerful 2100 CFM misting fan, specifically designed to be attached to covered areas such as patios, gazebos, and dining areas. While this fan does not come with nozzles included, it can accommodate our standard or cleanable nozzles.

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The WindChill Series

Our WindChill misting fans are capable of cooling golf clubhouses as large as 900 square feet. These fans are equipped with a proprietary deflector plate, allowing for customizable airflow direction based on your specific needs. Add a personal touch with our unique powder coating options.

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Custom Golf Course Misting Solutions

Custom Golf Course Misting Solutions

Fogco offers powerful customized misting fans suited to fit your golf course needs. Boost your summer revenue with a misting solution that will keep golfers cool and coming back for more. Talk to a cooling specialist about your options.

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Benefits of Cooling & Misting Systems for Golf Clubs and Courses

Benefits of Cooling & Misting Systems for Golf Clubs and Courses

Installing a misting system at a golf course can provide several benefits that contribute to revenue growth and an improved overall golfing experience.

Here are three key advantages of using a Fogco misting system:

Enhanced Player Comfort
Extended Playing Hours
Relief for Customers & Employees

Golf Course Misting FAQ

Where Should I Place Misters at My Golf Club?

For maximum coverage and effectiveness, misters should be placed in high-traffic areas, such as practice greens, patios, and outdoor dining spaces.

How Many Gallons Per Hour Does a Misting System Use?

A misting system will use one gallon of water per hour and per nozzle. However, this question depends greatly on how much you use your misting system.

Will a Mist System or Misting Fan Work in High Humidity?

Yes. The mist from a Fogco system evaporates quickly, creating a cooling effect regardless of the humidity level.

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