WindChill Patio Cooling Mist Fan

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Fogco is a leading provider of misting fans, systems, and pumps for residential and commercial use. The Revolution® WindChill Patio Cooling Mist Fans represent the latest innovation from Fogco Systems, Inc. The unit provides a focused air stream that carries the fog and adds to the fans cooling capability.

All Fogco cooling fans require the addition of a high pressure 1,000 psi pump to achieve ideal performance.

The WindChill provides precise control of the cooling due to the proprietary deflector plate which adjusts the direction of the airflow. The unit also includes 10 – .008″ orifice misting nozzles (part # 95037) placed directly into the air stream created by the internal fan. These features provide superior patio cooling performance.

The Revolution® WindChill is not just a highly effective cooling fan. It enhances a patio with its designer treatments including a variety of powder coat colors and custom appliques.

The Revolution® WindChill can cover from 400 square feet to 900 square feet and includes 10 cleanable nozzles on an enclosed stainless steel fog ring, 50′ of 1/8″ flexible high-pressure tubing and all the necessary hardware for mounting including a 12″ down rod and canopy.

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