Industry Pioneer in High Pressure Fog and Misting Systems

With over 30 years of commitment to innovative product development and ongoing customer service, Fogco Environmental is recognized as an industry-leading manufacturer of high quality misting equipment for residential, commercial, and industrial markets. We offer a wide range of permanent and mobile products for indoor and outdoor cooling, humidification, dust suppression, and odor control applications.

Fogco’s dust suppression systems are highly engineered and heavy-duty built products designed for large commercial and industrial dust control applications. The units come in a variety of sizes and include features such as automatic operating mode and remote radio control. These are specialized products that are unique to the industry and can provide effective dust suppression for areas up to 250,000 square feet.

The heart of any misting system is the pump. Fogco offers a standard direct drive or pulley drive pump range as well as completely customized units. Our custom pump options include the addition of variable frequency drive, programmable logic controllers (PLC), 1 phase or 3 phase voltages, multiple zones, remote control capability, and are capable of on-site integration with existing controllers or low voltage signaling.

After the pump, there needs to be an effective means of distributing the fog. Our prefabricated fog lines provide several options including robotic welded stainless steel and soldered copper with various different nozzle spacing options. We also offer a versatile DIY fog line using our proprietary slip-lok fittings and nylon tubing.

Fog lines are not always the ideal solution for distributing the fog so we have developed a wide range of cooling and humidification misting fans for areas as small as a few hundred square feet to areas over 3,500 square feet. Fogco has also created several specialized humidity and temperature controllers, standard and cleanable misting nozzles and a ‘dry fog’ air injection system making Fogco your one-stop shop for all mist related applications. All of our products can be viewed by clicking on the specific items listed on the drop-down menu under Products.

This website also includes detailed information regarding various climate control applications including cooling, humidification, dust suppression and odor removal. Details can be found on the drop-down menu under Applications or Industries. Additional information is also available on our Blog.

To assist in the development of your misting system, we have prepared some specific design formats for cooling, humidification, greenhouse climate control, dust control, and odor removal. The design forms can be found on the drop-down menu under Help.

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We hope you enjoy your experience and we look forward to helping you with all your misting system needs.