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Take Control of Your Recycling Plant's Odors

Throw out unpleasant odors for good with Fogco’s odor control solutions.

If you run a waste recycling facility, then you know just how burdensome bad odors can be. Uncontrollable odor can lead to a myriad of problems like respiratory issues and large penalties. Since 1989, Fogco has been a leading force in the odor control industry, creating equipment used to manage air and odor with innovative high-pressure fog technology.

The Revolution® Series

Our Revolution® series works hard to eliminate recycling plant odors by throwing up to 30’ of atomized mist. This design includes a 2100 CFM humidification misting fan and is available as a ceiling mount or portable fan. 

Control Waste Odor With The Revolution®
Revolution® Humidification Fan

How Fogco Can Eliminate Odors at Recycling Plants

Odor control systems work by eliminating odor molecules. This is achieved through a safe, proprietary solution injected into the water supply. When dispersed, the agent-infused mist will latch onto an odor molecule and diminish it.

Achieve an improved waste recycling plant by:

Eliminating unpleasant odors.
Creating a safer and healthier environment. 
Strengthening relationships with your community.

For Outdoor Odor Control

The FogCannon® Series

Fogco Fogcannon odor control

While Fogco’s FogCannons are designed to suppress dust, they can also eliminate persistent odors emanating from your waste recycling facility. FogCannons emit rapid air velocity with large volumes of atomized air to tackle the most extreme environments.

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Benefits of Fogco Waste Recycling Odor Control Solutions

Improved Community Relations

Complaints can arise from unpleasant odors escaping your facility and into your community. With Fogco’s odor-eliminated fog systems, you can keep your neighbors happy and healthy.

Fewer Repair Expenses

Wastewater systems emit hydrogen sulfide, which can eat away at your equipment and cause costly damage. Odor suppression helps prevent corrosion from happening, saving you thousands in repairs.

Effective Odor Control

Fogco’s misting systems eliminate odors in all types of environments, including both indoor and outdoor waste recycling facilities.

Industry-Lead Experience

With over 30 years of experience, Fogco has established itself as a game-changing leader in the odor control industry.

Waste Recycling Odor Control System FAQs

How Do Fogco Odor Control Systems Work?

An odor control solution is injected into the water supply of your high-pressure fog system. This agent disperses into the air and latches onto odor molecules, dismantling them one by one and effectively eliminating bad odors at your waste recycling facility.

Does Fog Prevent Odors From Escaping the Facility?

Additional fog lines can be installed around your waste recycling facility for outdoor odor defense. Odors are trapped and eliminated by a safe, proprietary agent that stops unpleasant smells from leaving your facility.

What Chemicals Are Used For Odor Control?

Our blend of all-natural and biodegradable ingredients is injected into your high-pressure fog system to help eliminate odors instead of masking them. This chemical agent is safe, effective, and harmless.

Will Fog Systems Get My Equipment Wet?

Fogco’s fog systems produce a fine mist that blankets your entire waste recycling facility without getting you, your employees, or your equipment wet.

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Control Your Waste Recycling Odor With Fogco

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There’s no need to live with unpleasant odors when you have plenty of innovative solutions to choose from. Eliminate recycling plant odors with an industry-leading industrial odor control system from Fogco.

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