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Wine Storage Humidity Control

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a winery owner, you understand how important the wine cellar is. Wine cellars need to be kept cool, which is why they ideally should be underground. But did you know that humidity plays a big role in aging your wine?

Humidity is important in wine cellars because it protects the wine from the negative effects of dry air. If your corks dry out, they will shrink and let too much air into your bottles. If the humidity is too high, your corks can accumulate mold and spoil your wine. Luckily, Fogco has the perfect humidity-controlling solution for your wine cellar.

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How Fogco Can Control Humidity in Wine Cellars

The humidity of your wine cellar should never be overlooked—otherwise, it can cost you.

Dry air can damage wines, causing them to lose their flavor and aroma. This can also cause the wine to evaporate. Choosing to humidify your wine cellar will spare your wine from dry air, harmful molds, and will ensure that you get the most out of your production. Here’s how:

The Revolution®

If you have a large cellar, then the Revolution® is for you. This 2100 CFM high-pressure humidification system is capable of throwing mist up to 30 feet, making The Revolution® an excellent choice for controlling humidity in broad wine cellars found at wineries.

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Revolution® Humidification Fan

The Evolution®

Evolution Humidification Fan Category Image

The Evolution® is a humidification system that produces a high-powered single-column stream of fog reaching up to 50 feet. It can cover 1,000 square feet and is ideal for cellars with long, narrow applications.

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Custom Humidification Systems

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Not all wine cellars are created equal. Many wine cellars are uniquely shaped and sized. If this sounds like your cellar, then you can benefit from a customized humidification system built to fit your needs. Contact one of our humidification specialists to learn more about custom solutions.

All Fogco fans require a high-pressure 1,000 PSI pump to achieve ideal performance.

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How a Humidification System Can Benefit Your Wine

Winemaking is a slow and steady process that needs the right kind of tools to make the best-tasting vino. Here are three benefits to using a Fogco humidification system in your wine cellar:

Minimize Evaporation Risk
Increase Energy Efficiency
Reduce Contamination Risk

A humidification system doesn’t just control the moisture of your wine cellar—it also controls the temperature. If you’re overspending on energy bills, then a humidification system can help keep your costs down. Controlling your temperature and moisture will also reduce the risk of bacterial contamination in your wine barrels.

And don’t worry, the water vapor from Fogo’s humidification systems won’t dampen your wooden barrels.

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Wine Storage Humidification FAQs

Can Fogco Install My Humidification System?

For quality installation, industrial humidification systems should be installed by a licensed and bonded contractor.

What’s the Optimal Humidity for Wine Cellars?

Typically, the optimal humidity level for wine cellars falls between 50% and 70%. Contact one of our humidification specialists to find out the right humidity level for your cellar.

What Happens if Your Wine Cellar Is Too Dry?

If your wine cellar is too dry, then your corks can shrink, letting air seep into your bottles. Dry air can also cause water to evaporate in your barrels. On the other hand, too much humidity can cause alcohol to dissipate.

How Often Will Humidification Systems Require Maintenance?

Like all equipment, some maintenance is to be expected. All you need to maintain your humidification system is to check and change the oil of your pump every year.

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Finding the right humidifier is easy when you choose Fogco. Whether you’re running a busy winery or storing bottles in your cellar, Fogco has the humidification solution for you. 

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