Replacement Misting Nozzles From Fogco

Fogco misting nozzles offer both standard impeller nozzles as well as the latest cleanable nozzle design with 10/24 threads. Mist nozzles are available in brass or all stainless steel. Fogco also offers a variety of other mister nozzle designs as special order items. These include 12/24 threads, 1/8″ threads with orifice sizes as large as .048”.

Misting & Fog Nozzle Sizes

The Standard nozzle range includes sizes from .008” to .020” orifice. They are available in brass with a stainless steel insert or as a special order in stainless steel material. Flow rates for this range vary from .020 GPM to .055 GPM

The Cleanable misting nozzles include sizes from .006” to .020” and include an anti-drip adapter. They are available in brass or all stainless steel with orifice sizes from .006″ to .020″ and flow rates from .010 GPM to .045 GPM.

The Nozzle Adapter range includes extensions, clusters, and swivel fittings and multi-thread adapters.

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