Air Injection Systems

There are many industrial humidification applications where a high-pressure fog system is not appropriate or cannot provide the required level of performance due to condensation concerns. Fogco has developed a specialized air injection system to address these specific industrial requirements.

Fogco Air Injection Systems

The Fogco Air Injection Dry Fog System utilizes our proprietary system design and can produce over 150 lbs of dry fog per hour and allows for on-site adjustments to the system performance and output by changing the air and water pressure with the included regulators.

The Drip Free air injection nozzles include a spring-loaded check valve that will prevent the water supply from running if there is a loss of air pressure. The valve also prevents dripping from the nozzle when the system shuts down.

The standard and the Drip Free air injection nozzles are capable of producing flow rates from 8 lbs/hr to 16 lbs/hr while providing droplets as small as 1 micron. This level of performance eliminates moisture build-up while achieving humidity levels up to 99%.

The Fogco Air Injection System requires the availability of compressed air of at least 80 psi and 25 CFM and water pressure of 60 psi to produce the maximum output of 150 lbs/hr.