What Is a Commercial Humidifier?

A commercial or industrial humidification system is equipment that controls humidity levels in industrial environments, in order to create optimal conditions for health, manufacturing, plant growth, and more. Commercial humidifier systems are typically used in agriculture, concrete curing, manufacturing, wine storage, and other moisture-sensitive environments.

Fogco has been improving the health and productivity of commercial and industrial establishments for over 30 years with high-grade humidifier products. Read on to discover how our industrial-strength humidifier supplies can address the humidity concerns of homes and businesses everywhere.

The Need for Industrial Humidifier Systems

The industrial humidifier component of a misting system is an ideal climate control tool in industries where humidity and temperature are important to profitability. Many of today’s industries rely on the humidification process to control moisture levels and to prevent the harmful effects of dust and static electricity. In short, commercial humidifier systems are needed to ensure the safe, efficient operation of industrial equipment and to protect the health of workers.

The Benefits of a Commercial Humidifier

We understand that each industry type has unique climate control requirements; Fogco custom humidification systems can be tailored to an industry’s specific humidification needs. All of our commercial humidifiers are designed with specific spaces and humidification control factors in mind. They can also cut operating costs while simultaneously increasing profits and efficiency levels.

See some of the other ways that Fogco humidifiers can benefit your industry below.


Low humidity can take a toll on the health of your patients, clients, and employees, especially during the winter season. Those residing in dry states, such as Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and other desert climates often suffer from dry throat, coughing, irritated eyes, cracked lips and skin, dehydration, headaches, and even the flu. Poor air quality and dusty working conditions can also compound existing health issues including eczema, asthma, allergies, and arthritis.

Maintain your air quality and avoid these problems by setting your home or work humidifier between 30% and 50% humidity to ensure optimal health and productivity all year long, no matter the outdoor weather conditions.


Sometimes there are concerns that adding a humidifier to their commercial or household climate control system will just increase their utility bills. But new technology from Fogco actually saves money by preventing damage to expensive machinery, electronics, woodwork, and more. A humidifier helps balance and regulate moisture levels and temperatures to ensure efficient use of your humidifier and heating system, which also translates to utility savings over time.

Preservation of Valuables

Poor indoor air quality can damage wallpaper, woodwork, flooring, and door frames as well as electronics, furniture, and other items of value. Humidifiers can help you maintain the delicate balance of temperature and humidity and preserve your valuables, keeping them pristine for years to come.

Static Electricity Prevention

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can be more of a threat than most may realize; it can cause irreparable damage to electronics and may even become catastrophic around flammable chemicals. A humidifier can reduce this risk and keep your staff and your company equipment safe.

Industrial Humidifier Applications

  • Greenhouses and cannabis facilities: In greenhouse applications and cannabis facilities, productivity is dependent on climate control. When properly designed and installed, a Fogco misting system will effectively regulate temperature and humidity within a wide range of parameters, resulting in improved productivity, increased plant health, and higher profitability throughout the plant growth cycle.
  • Wine storage spaces: In wine storage applications, increasing the relative humidity will reduce the evaporation rate of wine through the oak storage barrels. A properly designed and installed humidity control system saves money on lost product.
  • Woodworking spaces: In the woodworking industry, the goal is to properly maintain the Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) of the wood product. This eliminates the risk of wood bending, splitting, or cracking. The Fogco misting system can maintain a stable EMC, thereby eliminating many of the quality issues associated with woodworking while reducing overall operational costs.
  • Printing facilities and paper mills: Paper production, paper storage, and printing plants can also benefit from a controlled environment. Paper products can quickly gain and lose moisture, so controlling the humidity level allows for consistent and improved quality of the end product. Humidity control also eliminates issues with paper curling or shrinking, ink absorption, and machine operations.
  • Textile factories: Textile facilities also benefit from humidity control systems. A humidifier reduces downtime and rejections by increasing the tensile strength of fibers while reducing static electricity and filtering residual airborne lint. This enhanced production capacity and reduced waste improves overall profitability.
  • Museums, art galleries, and libraries: Museums, galleries, and libraries are full of books, rare paintings, artifacts, and fragile items that require properly regulated environments to survive. You can preserve your valuables and reduce the risk of mold with a Fogco misting system.
  • Automotive factories: When making cars, it’s important to prevent dust and static from building up, especially during the sanding process. Your employees and equipment will do a better paint job and produce pristine vehicles when the air is conducive to quality work.
  • Clean rooms and labs: Clean rooms and labs in pharmaceutical companies and other like environments require properly humidified air to maintain the efficacy and consistency of inventory. Maintain the right level of humidity at all times with a Fogco industrial room humidifier.

Fogco Humidification Solutions

Revolution Humidification Fan

Fogco’s industrial humidifier fans are a great solution for when your application requires a focused horizontal air stream to cover a larger area. These fans can cool or humidify up to five times the area compared to static line misting systems.

Mist Humidification System

The new Revolution Series by Fogco is one of the latest innovations in climate control and is appropriate for any commercial or industrial humidification project. It will provide better coverage and more effective humidification when compared to a static line mist system.

With a temperature and humidity controller, you can create and maintain the ideal atmosphere for your application. Whether you need a temperature control system for an outdoor commercial area or a humidity controller for a greenhouse, Fogco systems can meet your needs.

Discover More Fogco Solutions

When you decide it’s time to invest in an industrial humidifier system, it’s important to get a good return on your investment by finding the right supplier that can provide you with the best industrial humidifier for your application. There are countless industrial humidifier manufacturers, but Fogco is an industry-leading manufacturer with a huge range of permanent and portable industrial humidifier products, so you can trust that we’ll have a solution to benefit your industry.

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