Using A Humidity Controller for Greenhouse Climate Control

January 2nd, 2017 | Posted by Gary Wintering

Whether you’re dealing with a large commercial greenhouse or a smaller greenhouse in the backyard, a fogging and misting system automatically monitored by a humidity controller is an ideal way to maintain optimal growing conditions.

At Fogco, we offer customizable designs to ensure the system meets any and all requirements. Our cooling systems can be used to control the climate and temperature levels in small hobby greenhouses as well as large-scale commercial greenhouses. In fact, our systems can even be used in aquaculture operations to maintain a constant humidity to assist in temperature control and reduced evaporation in hot and dry climates.

Managing Humidity Levels

There are three different ways to manage the humidity levels in these types of enclosed spaces. One is through manual operation of the system, typically with a separate hygrometer and the second option is through the use of a timer. This allows the misting and fogging systems to turn on and off at specific times in the day.

The third available option is to install a humidity controller. This is a single zone microprocessor that is designed with an internal humidity sensor as well as the capabilities to connect to an external sensor if needed. Using this system in conjunction with your cooling system provides optimal results.

The Benefits of Our Humidity Controller

With over 25 years of experience, our team of engineers are continuously developing and improving our systems. Our automated humidity controller is designed with convenience and functionality in mind, ultimately resulting in a system that provides significant advantages over more manual processes.

With this system in place there is no need to continually read the hygrometer or worry about the system turning on and off at pre-set times. The automated features ensure that the humidity level of the greenhouse remains constant based on the actual climate conditions rather than a pre-set timer.

Our microprocessor control operates with a high level of accuracy when measuring the humidity level, providing readings you can rely on. In conditions with up to 70% humidity, the microprocessor control is able to determine the humidity level with the precision of plus or minus two percent. For climates between 70-99% humidity, we offer a high humidity option—allowing the same level of precision even at these very high atmospheric moisture levels.

The high humidity controller has additional protection around the sensor chip that prevents excessive condensation build-up. Without this protection and in very moist conditions, the condensation can result in a failure of the chip. With the additional protection, the chip will continue to provide highly accurate readings to automatically turn the fogging and misting system on and off based on the conditions in the greenhouse.

Being able to accurately measure the humidity level is crucial in order to fully optimize the benefits of the humidity controller which is why microprocessor controls are so important. Leveraging these tools to monitor the temperature and control the climate and humidity level, in combination with a cooling system, creates a fully automated system.

Easy to install and fully compatible with our systems, these devices are cost effective and provide the consistent environment in your greenhouses to allow your plants and crops to thrive.