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How Odor Control Equipment Helps The Recycling Industry

By December 4, 2018January 3rd, 2023No Comments

Recycling Center Belt Being SortedThere has obviously been a big push made to get more Americans to recycle over the last 50 years, and there are now more recycling plants across the country. Half a century ago, only about 6 percent of the waste generated by Americans was recycled. But today, that number hovers right around 35 percent. While there is still more work to be done, America is finding ways to make recycling more of a priority.

Odors At Recycling Facilities

As a result of this, there are now about 10,000 recycling facilities scattered across the country. They help to process everything from plastic bottles and aluminum cans to cardboard boxes and newspapers. And as they do, the people who work in these recycling facilities often face some unique challenges.

One of the biggest challenges they encounter is the smell that often accompanies working with waste of any kind. By the time recyclable items have worked their way to a recycling facility, they’ve been surrounded by other waste for so long that they tend to let off pungent odors. The smells associated with recycling facilities can present health risks to those surrounded by them. They can also lead to fines for companies that don’t make it their mission to eliminate the smells from their facilities.

Odor Control Equipment For Recycling Plants

It’s not always easy to knock down smells associated with recycling but Fogco has several odor control solutions for recycling facilities interested in putting good odor control practices into place. Fogco has special odor control systems that can be set up inside of recycling facilities to get rid of smells. These systems are design to use a proprietary odor control blend to produce a fine fog that will take care of any smells your recycling facility is experiencing. Additionally, Fogco has FogCannons that can be used for those with larger outdoor areas. They can create a fog that will blanket your facility’s property and make odors a thing of the past.

Fogco’s products make life easier for those who work in the recycling industry, along with many other industries. They also make it possible for companies to avoid unnecessary delays during the recycling process due to strong odors and shutdowns or fines connected to the smells in a facility. Request a quote or contact us at 800-607-6478 today to see how the Fogco line of products can help your recycling facility.

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