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Misting Cooling Systems

An In-Depth Look at Mist Cooling Systems

By July 5, 2024No Comments
mist cooling system

Mist cooling systems are a great addition to your residential or commercial space. They offer tons of cooling benefits to keep you comfortable during the hottest months of the year. 

Read on to learn all about what mist cooling systems do, the pros and cons, the different types of systems, and how to get started on purchasing your first one.

What Does a Mist Cooling System Do?

A mist cooling system is a lifesaver on those sweltering summer days. Their function is pretty straightforward: they dispense mist and then that mist gets distributed throughout a certain outdoor area. A good mist cooling system can make even the hottest places feel up to 30° cooler. 

A mist cooling system is made up of nylon or stainless steel pipes, spray nozzles, and a pump—not all misting systems include a fan, but some can. The water from a misting system is cooled water. As it gets blown throughout an area, it hangs in the air and the coolness from this mist helps bring the temperature down. With a misting system that has a fan, the fans can help spread the mist over a greater surface area. When you use high-pressure mist systems, you’ll get the benefit of feeling cool, without feeling the dampness of the mist. This is thanks to the high-pressure pump that dispenses almost microscopic mist molecules. This whole process is very similar to the way the body produces sweat to cool off: the mist evaporates in the air and subsequently cools off the area around it.

Mist cooling systems hold up pretty well when compared to traditional cooling methods because they can turn a 100-degree area into an 80-degree one. Plus, they’re energy-efficient and environmentally friendly—a misting system uses less energy to produce a similar cooling effect as an AC.

Types of Mist Cooling Systems on the Market

Low-Pressure Mist Cooling Systems

These misting systems put out water between 50 and 60 psi, compared to the 1,500 psi of a high-pressure misting system.


  • Cheap to purchase
  • Cheap to operate


  • Don’t cool as quickly
  • Leave behind residual moisture 

Mid-Pressure Mist Cooling Systems

These misting systems use a pump to expel the mist at about 160 to 250 psi.


  • Finer mist creates quicker cooling
  • Less residual moisture


  • The pump needs to be connected to an electric source
  • More expensive to operate

High-Pressure Mist Cooling Systems

High-pressure misting systems also use a pump that can boost the water pressure up to 1,500 psi. 


  • Rapid, powerful cooling
  • Least amount of residual moisture


  • Expensive
  • They consume more electricity
  • Require professional installation

Specialized Mist Cooling Equipment

Other specialized cooling systems include portable fans and fixed misting lines. Portable fans are great because they can be moved to wherever they are needed. Fixed misting lines help cool down an area, although they may not be as effective at cooling as misting systems with a fan.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Mist Cooling System

Not sure what kind of mist cooling system you need? Here’s what you should consider:

  • Residential vs. commercial. This is the biggest question to consider when looking to purchase a mist cooling system. The capabilities of the system you want will differ greatly when buying for a home versus for a business. For instance, you’ll need a powerful mist-cooling system that can disperse the cool air over a larger area if you are looking to buy a misting system for a commercial space. 
  • Coverage area and cooling capacity. How big is your property? How many people, on average, would be benefiting from a mist cooling system? A larger property requires stronger fans. 
  • Pressure requirements. Pressure requirements vary, but people shopping for mist cooling systems for commercial spaces tend to buy high-pressure systems for their properties. 
  • Installation and maintenance needs. Homeowners may appreciate a lower-pressure misting system that they can install themselves. For commercial needs, you’ll almost always need a professional to help you hook up and install your outdoor misting system. 
  • Budget considerations. Of course, it all comes down to budget. The higher the pressure of a system, the better it will cool, but the more expensive it will be. If you are looking for a commercial mist cooling system, then this is typically worth the money because having a comfortable, enjoyable outdoor environment may help attract and retain customers. 

Costs and Benefits of Installing a Mist Cooling System

Many things go into the costs of a mist cooling system, including the initial installation costs and long-term operational costs. Mist cooling systems can run from $800 to upwards of $2,000—it really depends on the type of system you choose. 

In the long run, you may be potentially saving money on energy bills by opting for a mist cooling system instead of a different cooling system. Plus, you’ll create an enjoyable, comfortable environment outside. If you own a business, this may help you attract more customers, especially in those hot summer months. If you own a home, this will help increase the property value of it. 

Residential and Commercial Applications of Mist Cooling Systems

Residential Applications

People choose a mist cooling system for their homes because it can help cool down patios and backyards, making them all the more enjoyable. An outdoor mist cooling system can also be used for garden and greenhouse applications. 

Commercial Applications

Outdoor mist cooling systems can be used for tons of commercial applications, including outdoor dining areas in restaurants, amusement parks, outdoor venues, industrial and agricultural uses, sports arenas, and hotels. 

Find Your Perfect Mist Cooling System at Fogco

In the market for a mist cooling system? You’re in the right place. At Fogco, we’re dedicated to helping you find the perfect mist cooling system for your home or business. 

We understand there are many factors to consider—from budget to application—but our team is ready to assist you by answering any questions you have and offering you the best solutions for your property. We’ll help you find the perfect system to cool your outdoor area.

Explore the different types of systems we offer and find the best mist cooling system for your needs. Get started by giving us a call or reaching our for a free quote.

An In-Depth Look at Mist Cooling Systems

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