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How to Control Cannabis Odor

By July 24, 2019September 14th, 2023No Comments
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Cannabis plants have a strong odor when they are at the flowering stage of growth. In states where cannabis can be grown legally, there are strict odor control regulations on greenhouses that grow legalized marijuana. Most other crops produce odor as well, but cannabis has the strongest odor, and the most severe consequences if regulations are violated.

No one wants to offend their neighbors, especially when they are producing a product that will help relieve the pain and suffering of lots of patients who use medical marijuana every day. So, in order to meet regulations and be a responsible community partner, companies should rely on environmental cannabis odor control systems to rid their facilities of incurred odors while these plants flower and bloom.

How to Control Cannabis Odor

There are limited options for cannabis growers to consider when it comes to effective cannabis odor control systems. In virtually all cases, these are relatively new companies due to recent changes in cannabis legalization. This means there may not be a lot of startup cash available specifically for air purification and filtration systems. To maximize your harvest without going over budget, it’s important that your cannabis greenhouse have the following environmental control systems:

Misting systems: Most industry-standard misting systems are compatible with other environmental control systems. This allows staff to customize the system to operate within specific parameters, which is ideal for every stage of production, from cloning to flowering.

Fog systems: One way to control the smell is through charcoal filters, but these are very costly and result in a lot of maintenance to the companies that use them. Filtration also restricts the air exchange rate, which has a negative impact on growing conditions. Fog systems are a more effective and cost-friendly solution that completely neutralizes the odor instead of just masking it. High-pressure fogging systems are very effective in naturally managing odor, and they offer other benefits that air scrubbers or filters simply can’t provide.

How Fogco Can Control Cannabis Odor

Fogco has been designing and manufacturing odor control systems for over 25 years. Our systems are used in a variety of industries from cannabis growing to industrial applications such as petroleum manufacturing and waste transfer facilities. Our success has been supported by the use of a breakthrough neutralizing solution that virtually eliminates the odor molecule.

At Fogco, we have been on the cutting edge of working with different greenhouses to develop highly effective cannabis odor control systems that are cost-effective, easy to install, and offer the precise control that is so essential for mitigating odor. We offer full assistance in choosing the right misting systems for any cannabis greenhouse. Our design engineers can be involved from the planning stage, allowing for optimal deployment of the misting system for maximum coverage at minimum cost.

Call Fogco today at 800-607-6478 or contact us to learn more.

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