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Humidification Systems for the Textile Industry

Textiles are made of fibers that are sensitive to moisture. So, to maintain the quality of these textiles, a proper humidification system should be used. 

Yes, textiles are hygroscopic, which means they absorb and release water from the air’s moisture. Too much or too little humidity in your textile factory can cause major issues like elasticity and static electricity. That’s where Fogco’s humidification systems come in.

Control Your Humidity With Fogco

The Revolution®

The Revolution® is a 2100 CFM high-pressure humidification system capable of dispersing mist up to 30’. This makes The Revolution® an excellent choice for controlling humidity in larger textile factories.

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Revolution® Humidification Fan

How Fogco Can Control Humidity in Textile Factories

Textiles need a specific humidity level to maintain their quality.

Fogco’s humidification systems provide a controlled amount of moisture in the air to keep your textile factory functioning properly while producing top-quality products. Our humidification systems use atomized water to create a fine vapor that results in a humidity-controlling fog.

Optimize and control humidity.
Protect material and equipment from damage.
Create a safe work environment that promotes health and productivity.

The Evolution®

Evolution Humidification Fan Category Image

The Evolution® is a humidification system that produces a high-powered single-column stream of fog reaching up to 50 feet. It can cover 1,000 square feet and is ideal for long, narrow applications due to its cannon-like shape.

All Fogco fans require a high-pressure 1,000 PSI pump to achieve ideal performance.

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Benefits of Using Fogco Industrial Humidification Systems in Your Textile Factory

Fogco’s innovative humidification technology is designed to maximize your efficiency, reduce operational costs, and increase your profit margins while maintaining the quality of your products.

Find out how an industrial humidification system can benefit your textile business.

Increase Tensile Strength

Low humidity causes your materials to weaken. An industrial humidifier will consistently maintain the moisture level in your fibers, increasing their tensile strength.

Eliminate Static Electricity

Without proper moisture content in the air, electrostatic discharge can build up, damage machinery, and even cause fires. Controlled humidity alleviates this issue, improving production speed and safety.

Suppress Dust

Industrial humidification systems are ideal for controlling your textile factory’s humidity, but they can also suppress dust and lint. This helps create a safer working environment for you and your employees.

Improve Elasticity

The right humidity level will ensure that your material will stay strong and flexible. Maintaining your textile elasticity will result in a better product with a higher profit margin.

Textile Factory Humidification FAQs

Can Fogco Install My Humidification System?

For quality installation, industrial humidification systems should be installed by a licensed and bonded contractor.

What’s the Optimal Humidity for Textiles?

The right humidity level for your textile factory depends on your process and material. Typically, the relative humidity level will fall between 55% and 80%. Get in touch with us to learn more about your textile factory’s specific humidity requirements.

How Often Will Humidification Systems Require Maintenance?

Like all pieces of equipment, some maintenance is expected. All you need to maintain your humidification system is to check and change the oil of your pump every year.

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