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Take Control of Your Wastewater Treatment Facility Odors

One of the biggest challenges in the wastewater treatment industry is odor control. Oftentimes, odor from wastewater treatment plants will escape into nearby communities, resulting in negative repercussions like fines, unhappy neighbors, and disgruntled employees.

With Fogco, you can mitigate odors from your water treatment plant and reverse the damaging effects of wastewater odor.

Control Wastewater Odor With Fogco

Wastewater Treatment Challenges & Solutions

There are a variety of odors that typically exude out of wastewater treatment plants. These foul odors can smell like rotten eggs, ammonia, or even garlic and are usually the culprit of chemicals like hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, skatoles, indoles, and amines.

To mitigate wastewater odor, more than one odor control solution should be used.

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How Fogco Mitigates Wastewater Odor

Fogco’s wastewater odor control systems work by eliminating odor molecules. To do this, a special odor control blend is injected into the water supply of your chosen high-pressure fog system. When this odor control solution disperses into the air, it latches onto odor molecules, dismantling them.

Fogco’s proven designs will consist of high-pressure pumps, lines, and nozzles to form a barrier between the odors and the neighboring community. 

Eliminating unpleasant odors.
Creating a safer and healthier environment. 
Strengthening relationships with your community.

Custom Odor Control System

Need a custom odor control system tailored specifically for your wastewater treatment facility? Contact one of our odor control specialists to learn more about our custom odor control solutions.

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Benefits of Wastewater Treatment Odor Control

Better Community Relations

Complaints may arise from unpleasant odors escaping your wastewater plant and into your community. With Fogco’s odor-eliminating misting systems, you can keep your neighbors happy and healthy.

Fewer Repair Costs

Wastewater emits hydrogen sulfide, which can eat away at your equipment and cause costly damage. Odor suppression helps prevent corrosion from happening, saving you thousands in repairs while increasing operations.

Effective Odor Control

Fogco’s adaptable misting systems eliminate odors in all types of environments, including outdoor operations such as sludge basins.

Industry-Lead Experience

With over 30 years of experience, Fogco has established itself as a game-changing leader in the odor control industry.

Wastewater Odor Control System FAQs

How Do Fogco Odor Control Systems Work?

Common odors that come from wastewater treatment plants are hydrogen sulfide (H2S), amines, and mercaptans. These odors typically smell like rotten eggs, garlic, ammonia, and strong earthy smells due to the various chemicals used.

Does Fogco Supply All of the Equipment Needed?

Fogco has everything you need to control wastewater odor, including tubing and specialty misting system nozzles. Depending on your misting system of choice, additional components may be required. Contact one of our odor control specialists today for more information.

Will My Odor Control Systems Require Maintenance?

Yes, your odor control system will require minimal maintenance. You’ll want to check your misting pump’s oil and change it once a year. You should also clean your nozzles and drain the system each year.

How Do I Decide Which Type of Odor Control System I Need?

Most misting system requirements are similar. However, choosing the right odor control system for your wastewater treatment plant depends on a few factors, such as performance optimization and the size of your plant. Contact a specialist to learn more about which solution is best for your facility.

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Control Your Wastewater Facility’s Odor With Fogco

Discover More Odor Control Solutions With Fogco

There’s no need to live with unpleasant odors when you have plenty of innovative solutions to choose from with Fogco. Eliminate wastewater treatment odors with an industry-leading industrial odor control system from Fogco.

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