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Woodworking Facility Humidification

In the woodworking industry, woodworkers rely on a stable Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) to maintain the integrity of wood products. If the EMC is thrown out of balance, wood products risk damage like bending, splitting, and cracking, which can severely impact revenue.

A Fogco humidification system helps maintain a proper EMC while suppressing dust and reducing operational costs. Plus, your employees will be happy to work in a safe and healthy environment.

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Humidity For Woodworking & Carpentry Shops

Wood is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs moisture from its environment. That’s why humidification plays a huge role in woodworking and carpentry shops. Issues ranging from warped wood to static-electric problems can arise from unbalanced humidity, causing your profits and operations to plummet.

That’s where we come in. Our humidification solutions give you total control over your woodworking shop’s relative humidity due to their production of fine, atomized mist.

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How Fogco Controls Humidity in Woodshops

The humidity of your woodworking shop depends on the humidity of your region. For example, if you’re making wood products for Arizona and the average humidity is 38.5%, then your shop’s relative humidity should also be 38.5%. If you’re making wood products for a region with higher humidity, like Florida, then your average humidity should be set at 74.5%.

Let’s take a look at three humidification systems that can boost your woodshop’s productivity.

The Revolution®

Our flagship product, the Revolution®, is a 2100 CFM high-pressure humidification system able to disperse mist up to 30’. This makes the Revolution® an excellent choice for controlling humidity in large-scale woodworking and carpentry shops.

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Revolution® Humidification Fan
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The Evolution®

If you’re working out of a small carpentry shop and need adequate humidification control, then the Evolution® is a great choice. This misting system covers 1,000 square feet and disperses fog in a uniform line of distribution.

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Custom Humidification Systems

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If your woodworking or carpentry shop has unique requirements, then our custom humidification systems might be right for you. Our team of humidification specialists will work with you to put together a completely customized system to meet your specific needs.

All Fogco fans require a high-pressure 1,000 PSI pump to achieve ideal performance.

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Benefits of Using Fogco Industrial Humidification Systems

Here are a few benefits of using a humidification system in your woodworking shop:

Increases Profits

Fogco’s misting technology helps regulate moisture levels to prevent irreversible damage to your materials and equipment, which will boost production and profits.

Enhances Safety

Low humidity and insufficient dust suppression can cause an array of health issues for your employees. Maintained humidity levels keep your workers healthy and your equipment in top condition.

Improves Product Quality

If your products leave a shop using inadequate moisture levels, then your finished product risks warping or shrinking. A humidification system helps ensure your product leaves the shop intact.

Prevents Static Electricity

Static electricity can be extremely dangerous—especially around flammable chemicals. Humidifying your woodworking shop prevents harmful electrostatic discharge (ESD).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Ideal Humidity for a Woodworking Shop?

The ideal humidity for your woodworking shop depends on the region you’re shipping products to.

Can Low Humidity Damage Wood?

Yes. Because wood is hygroscopic, low humidity will absorb into the wood, causing it to swell or expand.

Can Fogco Install My Humidification System?

For proper installation, industrial humidification systems should be installed by a licensed and bonded contractor.

How Often Will Humidification Systems Require Maintenance?

Not often. All you need to maintain your humidification system is to check and change the oil of your pump every year.

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