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Take Control of Your Landfill's Odors

Dirty jobs are some of the most important jobs on the planet—but dirty jobs can produce fairly unpleasant smells. 

Wastewater sludge, nitrogenous compounds, and gasses from landfills can generate offensive odors that can be offputting to your workers and the surrounding community. What’s worse than foul landfill odors? Irritated employees, unhappy neighbors, and the serious risk of substantial fines. 

Learn how you can keep landfill odors at bay with Fogco’s state-of-the-art odor control systems.

Control Landfill Odor With Fogco

Landfill Odor Control Challenges & Solutions

Landfill odors worsen as waste is collected, transferred, dropped, and combusted. To mitigate these smells, Fogco composed a variety of misting systems designed to dismantle odor molecules through a proprietary odor-controlling solution. This is accomplished by injecting the proprietary neutralizing agent into the high-pressure system which then creates a fog that encompasses the odor molecules.

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How Fogco Manages Landfill Odor

Fogco has odor control solutions for indoor and outdoor applications such as transfer stations and municipal sludge composting facilities. Typically, indoor facilities that compost sludge can benefit from fans or nozzles that throw widespread atomized mist. 

For outdoor facilities, Fogco recommends high-pressure perimeter lines with fog nozzles to create a barrier between the odors and the neighboring community.  

Eliminates foul odors.
Creates a safer and healthier environment. 
Strengthens relationships with your community.

The Revolution®

Our flagship product’s unique design makes indoor landfill odor control easy. The Revolution® is capable of throwing up to 30’ of atomized mist and includes a 2100 CFM humidification misting fan. 

Control Odor With The Revolution®

Benefits of Landfill Odor Control Systems

Happy Neighbors

Complaints from nearby neighbors and communities can put your entire landfill at risk. With Fogco’s odor-eliminating misting systems, you can keep your neighbors happy and healthy—without worrying about fines.

Fewer Repairs

Landfills can emit toxic sulfide compounds that can damage equipment. Odor suppression helps prevent corrosion from happening, saving you thousands in repairs while increasing operations.

Versatile Odor Control

Fogco’s adaptable misting systems eliminate odors in all types of environments, including outdoor operations such as transfer stations and composting facilities.

Industry-Lead Experience

With over 30 years of experience, Fogco has established itself as a game-changing leader in the odor control industry.

Landfill Odor Control FAQs

What Chemicals Are Used to Eliminate Odor From Landfills?

Fogco’s blend of all-natural and biodegradable ingredients is injected into your high-pressure fog system’s water supply to help eliminate odors instead of masking them. This chemical agent is safe, effective, and harmless.

Does Fogco Supply All of the Required Products?

Fogco has everything you need to control landfill odor, including tubing and specialty misting system nozzles. Depending on your misting system of choice, additional components may be required.

Will My Odor Control Systems Require Maintenance?

Yes, your odor control system will require minimal maintenance. You’ll want to check your misting pump’s oil and change it once a year. You should also clean your nozzles and drain the system each year.

What if I Have a Large Outdoor Landfill Facility?

Misting lines can be installed around the perimeters of your landfill facility for thorough odor control. These odors are trapped and eliminated using our safe proprietary agent, stopping the molecules from traveling to nearby communities.

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There’s no need to live with foul odors when you have plenty of innovative solutions to choose from. Eliminate landfill odors with an industry-leading industrial odor control system from Fogco.

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