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Hotel & Resort Cooling Challenges & Solutions

Now that the chill of winter is in the rearview mirror, guests across the country are gearing up for summer fun at your hotel or resort. With everyone looking to beat the heat, a hotel owner must provide some sort of relief. That’s why you should prioritize creating a cool, comfortable environment for your guests to enjoy.

Luckily, Fogco can help with that.

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How Fogco Can Provide Cooling Relief

Fogco’s misting systems spray a fine, atomized mist into the air. The water droplets from this mist will absorb heat and evaporate, creating an ideal outdoor cooling sensation for your guests.

Our Solutions

Keep a cool and steady revenue all summer long with Fogco’s innovative patio misting systems.

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The WindChill Series

Our WindChill patio cooling fans are decorative misting systems capable of throwing mist up to 900 square feet. These fans provide a focused air stream that carries the mist to create superior cooling capabilities. It also comes in a variety of powder coat options.

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The Evolution Misting Fan

The Evolution is a projection misting fan capable of throwing fog up to 20 feet in a single direction. Thanks to its cannon-like design, this misting fan is often used at hotels or resorts featuring small, narrow applications.

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Custom Hotel & Resort Misting Systems

Our misting systems for hotels and resorts come in a wide range of designs, sizes, and cooling capacities. Get a completely customized misting experience and let our misting experts guide you in the direction of the right solution.

All Fogco misting fans use high-pressure 1,000 PSI pumps for maximum performance.

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Benefits of Hotel & Resort Misting Systems

Guests visit your hotel to feel comfortable outside just as much as they want to feel comfortable inside.

Misting systems for your hotel or resort:

Make Your Guests Feel at Home
Encourage Them to Stay Longer
Help Boost Your Revenue

Hotel & Resort Misting Systems FAQ

Do Misters Waste a Lot of Water?

It depends on how often you are using your misting system. Typically, a misting system will disperse one gallon of water per hour, per nozzle.

How Effective Are Misting Systems?

Misting systems trap and evaporate heat, making them an extremely effective cooling method for your hotel or resort.

Do Patio Misters Make Everything Wet?

No, the water dispersed from our misting systems is so fine that your guests, decor, and the ground won’t get wet.

Do Misters Keep Mosquitos Away?

Yes, misting systems can help keep mosquitos, flies, and other insects out of your recreational areas.

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