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Livestock & Poultry House Humidification Systems

Your livestock and poultry houses need a proper humidification system. Without one, the health of your chickens, cattle, and other livestock will suffer, resulting in increased animal deaths and environmental hazards. This, of course, impacts your productivity, your products, and your wallet. Investing in a humidification system from Fogco keeps your animals healthy and your revenue high.

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Why Humidity in Livestock Facilities and Poultry Houses Matters

The humidity in your poultry house or farm plays a pivotal role in the health of your animals. Without a stable humidification system, your birds and livestock risk reproduction problems, developmental issues, and diseases. Maintaining your humidity level not only ensures the improved health of your animals but also fosters a comfortable environment.

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Humidification Challenges for Livestock and Poultry Houses

Now that you know why humidity matters, let’s take a closer look at a few of the humidification challenges both owners and animals face.

Poor Animal Health

Failing to address humidity concerns can lead to a surge in disease rates among your animals. Our systems are designed to combat this, ensuring the well-being of your livestock.

Low Productivity

Temperature and humidity directly impact the quantity and quality of your output. Fogco’s humidification systems help maintain ideal working conditions, resulting in healthier and more productive employees.

Uncomfortable Conditions

Humidity levels affect animal appetites, stress levels, and behavior. Fogco’s humidification solutions create a more comfortable environment, promoting the well-being of your livestock.

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How Fogco Helps Humidify Livestock Facilities

Fogco humidification systems are designed to disperse large amounts of fog or mist into the air. The water particles are atomized and can help maintain optimal temperature levels in your facility.

Below are a few of our best-selling humidification systems for livestock facilities and poultry houses.

The Revolution®

As our flagship product, The Revolution® never fails to disappoint our customers. This humidification system can cool and humidify large livestock facilities and poultry houses spanning up to 3,600 square feet—or 36,000 cubic feet. It includes a stainless steel fog ring and 10 nozzle fittings.

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Revolution® Humidification Fan
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The Evolution®

For smaller livestock facilities and poultry houses, The Evolution® remains tried and true. This ceiling-mounted humidification system is designed to cool and humidify facilities of up to 1,000 square feet—or 10,000 cubic feet. It produces up to 50 feet of a strong fog stream.

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Custom Humidification Systems

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Need a custom humidification system for your farming facility? We understand not all livestock and poultry houses are built the same. That’s why we offer custom solutions to meet your needs. Get in touch with a humidification specialist to discuss custom solutions.

All Fogco humidification fans require the addition of a high-pressure 1,000 PSI pump to achieve ideal performance.

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Benefits of Using a Humidification System in Poultry Houses and Livestock Facilities

The installation of a Fogco humidification system comes with its share of advantages. Take a look at a few of the benefits owners of poultry houses and livestock facilities get when they choose Fogco:

Easy to install – Fogco fans aren’t complicated to install.
Easy to control – Humidification systems are simple to control, especially when used with our humidity and temperature controllers.
Stabilize temperature to help animals avoid heat issues – Humidification helps eliminate heat molecules by capturing and eradicating them through atomized mist.
Improves ventilation and air circulation – High-pressure streams of fog help circulate airflow around your facility.
Low maintenance costs – Humidification system maintenance is simple and usually only requires a pump oil change and nozzle cleanings.

Livestock and Poultry House Humidity FAQs

What are the recommended temperature and humidity levels for livestock facilities and poultry houses?

This answer depends on your region and the time of year. However, the risk of excess humidity can be reduced by keeping the temperature no higher than 82°F. 

We also recommend you turn off your humidification system between 10 PM and 9 AM.

What happens if the humidity level is too high?

Excess humidity can lead to respiratory issues, mold growth in the litter, and overall discomfort for the animals.

What happens if the humidity level is too low?

Not enough humidity can result in dry skin, respiratory problems, and stress among your livestock and employees.

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