Tubing & Fittings for Misting System Applications

Over the last 25 years, Fogco has developed an extensive range of tubing and fittings exclusively for mist system and fog system applications. The options include pre-welded stainless steel in 10 foot or 20-foot lengths, pre-soldered copper in 10′ lengths, or flexible nylon (up to 500′ lengths) and slip lok fittings. To connect rigid lengths together, we offer double ferrule brass or stainless steel compression fittings.

The most versatile and convenient option is our high-pressure flexible nylon and proprietary slip lok fittings. This option allows for on-site assembly and the ability to remove and reassemble individual fittings at any time without the need for special tools. The nozzle fittings can also be rotated on the nylon tubing allowing for changing the direction of the mist from each individual fitting. These are the highest quality slip lok fittings on the market. They are NOT Chinese imports.

As an alternative to using the 3/8″ nylon tubing as a feed line, we also offer a 1/4″ Synflex dual-ply high-pressure hose option. This multi-ply hose carries a rated operating pressure of 1500 psi and can support up to 3 gallons per minute. The fittings are designed to be assembled without the need for any crimping tools. The tubing can be cut to length and assembled and installed on-site.

For a misting system with a more permanent and aesthetically pleasing appearance, or and for a system with concealed mist lines, we manufacture pre-soldered copper tubing with customized nozzle spacing and specialty fittings. This approach is ideal for in-stucco, in-deck, or in-fountain system applications.

For treated water or higher pressure systems (or if you just want the look of a stainless steel fog line) we manufacture robotically-welded stainless steel mist tubing with customized nozzle spacing. 3/8″ and 1/2″ sizes are available.