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Air management and odor control is a big issue for industries that deal with cannabis cultivation, composting, waste management, wastewater treatment, industrial livestock, chemicals, and so on. Some of these industries have rules and regulations that must be met in order to remain in operation and to avoid hefty penalties. When you have an odor control issue, you need a solution you know you can trust.

Fogco has been an industry leader in odor control equipment since 1989, using high-pressure fog mist technology as a proven and effective method for solving a growing set of odor issues. We have pioneered the high-pressure fog method of treatment and specialize in odor containment for industries with the toughest odor challenges and the most stringent regulations. Whatever the requirements of your industry are, rest assured — we’re up to the challenge. Our patented technology and independently tested and verified odor elimination systems can eliminate your odor control concerns, allowing you to focus on your business, not on the smell.

What Is an Industrial Odor Control System?

Fogco’s commercial odor eliminator is an atomized misting system. Essentially, it generates a fine fog made up of millions of minuscule water droplets that travel through the air along with odor molecules. The odor suppression system dampens foul smells by instigating a number of chemical reactions and neutralizing bad odor particles. This is accomplished by injecting a proprietary neutralizing agent into the high-pressure fogging system which then creates a fog that encompasses the odor molecules.

Why Is Total Odor Elimination Necessary?

For some industries, total odor elimination is critical to profitability and well-being. In many cases, odor control is a requirement due to the potential health and environmental concerns associated with certain odor particles. Some of the more common odors we eliminate for businesses include (but are not limited to) cannabis, carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and methane.

It’s important to treat these odors properly, especially considering the health risks associated with carbon dioxide and methane. As a business owner, it’s up to you to ensure your staff is safe at all times, and these odorless, colorless gases can quickly become lethal when left untreated.

Odor Control Solutions By Fogco

Indoor Odor Controls

In an indoor environment, our high-pressure fog systems can be installed by adding nozzle rings on existing ductwork or fans, creating a matrix that covers the entire workspace or runs in lines along the perimeter of entry and exit points. Our proprietary odor control blend is added to the water supply system and then pressurized, creating a fine fog. When the fog is released with the blend mix, a series of chemical reactions occur to completely neutralize the odor in the facility. The fog does not produce any dew on equipment, people, or the ground, as our high-pressure technology atomizes the water droplets to prevent this workplace safety threat.

When necessary, we can create an exterior defense system around your facility by adding fog lines to the perimeter of the building or property line to treat odors that could potentially escape from the interior of your building.

Outdoor Odor Controls

For outdoor job sites, Fogco creates a perimeter defense system using high-pressure fog lines that run around the exterior of the facility. The same proprietary blend used for indoor purposes is mixed with pressurized water to create a fine fog that eliminates the odor through a series of chemical reactions. The odor control process is the same in indoor and outdoor facilities, but the setup and system requirements differ.

For large outdoor areas or areas where mounting of perimeter fog lines is a challenge, Fogco now offers a complete line of FogCannons, which are designed to cover areas ranging from a few thousand square feet to over 250,000 square feet from a single location. These FogCannons can be mounted to a pole, wall, or trolley, or they can be built as a completely self-contained unit on a road-worthy trailer.

Benefits of Using an Odor Control System

Better Community Relations

Industrial plants and the unpleasant smells they produce are often cause for complaint among local communities. Having an odor control system in place can contain the smell and reduce these complaints. Thanks to odor control systems, communities can be happier and healthier.

Fewer Repair Expenses

An odor suppression system can also prevent corrosive damage to your equipment. For example, wastewater systems emit hydrogen sulfide, which can corrode equipment and cause leaks and result in large repair expenses for your company. With an odor suppressant system, you can prevent this from happening and protect the integrity of your industrial equipment.

Industrial Odor Suppression Applications

Our high-pressure fog systems have been independently tested and proven to eliminate odors associated with:

Additionally, our systems control odors associated with:

Whether your odor issue is contained in an indoor environment or exists completely outdoors, we can help you control it.

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