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Greenhouse Humidifiers: Improve Plant Growth With Fogco

Greenhouses are a great way to grow plants in different climates. However, improper humidification levels can end in disaster for you and your plants. Luckily, Fogco’s innovative greenhouse humidifier systems can help you avoid plant loss and increase growth.

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How Humidification Improves Plant Growth

It’s no surprise that plants need moisture. In a greenhouse, controlled humidity levels are important for plants to thrive and survive. If humidity levels are too low, plants can dry out and die. If humidity levels are too high, plants can rot. The right humidity level ensures healthy plant growth and increased productivity, which can be achieved with Fogco’s humidity-regulating misting systems.

A quality greenhouse humidifier system allows you to control carbon dioxide, lighting, and nutrients for optimal seedling growth. Not only does this make your plants happier, but it reduces the risk of contagious plant pathogens like fungi and bacteria.

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What Is Vapor Pressure Deficit?

Vapor Pressure Deficit measures the difference in pressure between the water vapor in the air. This measurement provides growers with information about the humidity in their greenhouse, which can affect how their plants will behave in terms of growth and development. 

Higher VPD means drier air, while lower VPD means excess moisture. A high VPD range can cause plants to dry out, while low VPD puts plants at risk for diseases. Fogco’s innovative products, specifically the Revloution® fan line, have been proven to deliver more “flat line” VPD results.

Benefits of Plant Humidifiers

There are plenty of advantages to using a Fogco humidification system in your greenhouse. Let’s take a look at three stand-out benefits that give you and your plants the upper hand in germination and productivity.

1. Improved Plant Growth and Yields

Plants are living organisms that need the right amount of water to survive. By controlling your greenhouse’s climate, you’re creating an environment that allows plants to grow to their full potential from seedling to adulthood.

2. Reduced Risk of Disease

Uncontrolled greenhouse humidity can lead to the spread of contagious diseases among your plants. Too much moisture in the air creates a breeding ground for mold and harmful bacteria that can wipe out your entire crop. By controlling your humidity levels, you reduce the risk of outbreaks.

3. Increased Savings

By regulating the moisture levels in your greenhouse, you are preventing moisture damage to expensive tools like your machinery and electronics. The risk of losing your plants to detrimental diseases is also extremely low, meaning more plants and more profit for you.

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Fogco’s Greenhouse Humidification Systems

Humidification systems are a crucial component of greenhouses. Fogco’s humidification systems—like our flagship Revolution® series—are capable of cooling and humidifying large areas. These misting systems are available as ceiling-mounted fans and can be coupled with customizable pump systems.

The Revolution® Series

The Revolution® comes in two versions—the Revolution® and the Revolution II®. Our Revolution® humidification fan produces a full 360-degree stream of air to reach every corner of your greenhouse. This even distribution of mist provides optimal performance for improved humidity. For a smaller greenhouse, Revolution II® is an excellent choice.

Revolution Humidification Fan Category Image
Evolution Humidification Fan Category Image

The Evolution® Series

Fogco’s Evolution Series is available in two sizes—the Evolution® and Evolution Mini®. These misting systems are perfect for areas with restricted height and narrow applications. The cannon shape produces a stream of fog capable of reaching up to 50 feet in distance.

Custom Greenhouse Humidification Systems

For effective climate control, Fogco’s custom humidification systems can be tailored to meet your greenhouse’s specific humidification needs. Customizing your greenhouse’s humidification system is a useful way to get the most out of your mist. Fogco’s custom pump systems can be built for voltages ranging from 115V to 575V 3 Phase.

Our custom systems can also come with additional components like electric zone valves, drain valves, PLCs, and safety switches, and can be designed with a variable frequency drive. Contact us today about how Fogco’s custom pump systems can transform your greenhouse.

Humidfy Your Plants With Fogco

Your plants deserve a comfortable environment—so give it to them with Fogco’s humidification systems. Fogco has over 30 years of experience in creating revolutionary products that change the way growers grow. Start optimizing your greenhouse production by contacting a humidification specialist today.

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