Evolution Humidification Fan

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The Evolution is designed for effective climate control for smaller areas with restricted clearance for the fog. The misting fan is suitable for cooling, humidification, and limited dust control applications and provides 250 cfm using .23 amps at 115V. The mist fan covers up to 1000 sq. ft. or 10,000 cu. ft.

All Fogco humidification fans require the addition of a high pressure 1,000 psi pump to achieve ideal performance.

The ‘cannon’ design of the Standard Evolution and the internal guide fins produce a strong and focused air stream which projects the fog up to 50 feet from the unit making it ideal for low ceiling applications.

The Evolution is designed to provide a projection of the fog over longer distances with a narrower focus range. The unit can effectively cover an area of 20′ in width and up to 50 feet in length. The unit will provide better absorption of the moisture from the system, and a more uniformed distribution of the fog.

Due to the varying applications that this product can be used for, it does not include the nozzle. Depending on the actual product use, it is recommended to use either our .006″ orifice nozzle (part # 95031 or 95032) or one of our .008″ orifice nozzles (part # 95037, 95033, or 93508).

If increased moisture is required, the fan is also adaptable to our 3 nozzle cluster (part # 93013)