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Restaurant Patio Misting Systems & Outdoor Fans

Summer is prime-time restaurant patio season, so it’s always smart to think two steps ahead of the crowd. Many restaurant owners will try to combat the heat by cutting corners with low-cost options that do not yield an ROI. However, the best way to provide relief for your guests is with an outdoor misting system.

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Restaurant Cooling Challenges & Solutions

One of the toughest challenges during the warmer months is turning tables while maintaining consistent revenue. Many guests will shy away from restaurants without enough seating or adequate cooling. That’s where Fogco’s restaurant patio and outdoor cooling systems come in handy.

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How Fogco Does It

An outdoor misting system, or restaurant cooling system, is designed to cool a patio down without drenching your guests. This is attainable through high-pressure lines that disperse a fine mist of atomized water particles. These particles flash evaporate, causing a cooling sensation your guests will love—even during those scorching hot days.

By adding one of Fogco’s proprietary fans to this solution, owners will experience an ongoing ROI as guests will stay longer in the comfortable environment.

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Types of Restaurant Misting Systems

Keep a cool and steady revenue all summer long with Fogco’s innovative patio misting systems.

The Snap Fan EC20 Max + Fogco Nozzles

This fan is the industry-leading fan for airflow, producing 13% more CFM and 221% more coverage area at 25% less energy than the closest competitor. The EC20 Max will help cool areas through air movement, and when equipped with Fogco’s nozzles, the ultimate solution is put in place with cooling differentials of up to 30 degrees.

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The Revolution® Series

The Revolution® is a hefty misting system with the ability to disperse mist up to 30 feet. Smaller restaurant patios can benefit from the Revolution® II misting fan, which disperses up to 15 feet of mist. Both Revolution® products do not include nozzles but can easily adapt to our standard or cleanable nozzles.

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The WindChill Series

Our WindChill patio cooling fans are decorative misting systems capable of throwing mist up to 900 square feet. These fans provide a focused air stream that carries the mist to create superior cooling capabilities. It also comes in a variety of powder coat options.

Custom Restaurant Misting Systems

For a customized experience, Fogco offers custom misting systems built to fit your restaurant patio. Contact us to find out how a custom Fogco cooling system will benefit your restaurant—and your guest’s experiences.

All Fogco humidification fans require a high-pressure 1,000 PSI pump to achieve ideal performance.

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Benefits of Restaurant Patio Misting Systems

Many guests are attracted to restaurants with outdoor seating areas. A misting system will not only help you turn more tables and convert extra space into revenue but will also draw in the patio season crowd. In other words, an outdoor cooling system will make happy hour even happier.

Restaurant Misting FAQ

Is a Restaurant Misting System Worth It?

Yes. A restaurant misting system not only keeps your customers cool but will also help you boost revenue by opening up extra seating options.

What Products Do I Need To Install a Misting System at My Restaurant?

Depending on the type of misting system you choose, you may need to purchase additional products like nozzles, pumps, and controls.

Can I Install a Misting System Myself?

While installing a misting system alone isn’t off-limits, it’s suggested that you hire an experienced contractor to properly set up your misting system.

Do Misters Keep Bugs Away?

Yes. Misting systems will help ward off any unwanted guests at the dinner table.

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