Outdoor Misting Fans & More

The Fogco range of indoor and outdoor misting fans includes both humidification and cooling fans designed to achieve uniformed distribution of the mist and improved absorption of moisture. This allows our fan products to cool and humidify more efficiently than other products on the market.

All Fogco misting fans require the use of a high pressure 1,000 psi pump to achieve ideal performance.

The Fogco product range includes the WindChill patio cooling fan; the Revolution and Revolution II humidification fan; and the Evolution and Evolution Mini humidification fan.

Fogco Misting Fans

WindChill Patio Cooling Fan

The WindChill is designed as a patio cooling fan. It mounts to the ceiling as a typical patio fan and is designed for commercial, residential or industrial cooling applications. Our patio misting fans come in a variety of different styles. It can cover up to 900 square feet. It includes all the necessary hardware and comes with 10 cleanable .008″ nozzles (part # 95037).

The Revolution Humidification Fan

The Revolution® is the flagship product in the Fogco product range. It is a proprietary design that includes a 2100 CFM humidification misting fan. It can disperse the mist up to 30′ from the fan making it capable of covering up to 3600 square feet. It is available as a ceiling mount or with a portable stand. Due to the many different applications that this product is used for, there is no single nozzle option that is ideal. For this reason, it does not include nozzles with the fan but is adaptable to any of our standard or cleanable nozzles.

The Revolution II Humidification Fan

The Revolution® II misting fan is a smaller version of the Revolution® and also provides the distribution of the fog 360 degrees around the perimeter of the fan. It includes a 250 CFM internally mounted fan and can cover up to 900 square feet. It can disperse the mist up to 15′ from the fan. For the same reasons as the Revolution product, it does not include the nozzles but can be used with any of our standard or cleanable nozzles.

The Evolution Misting Fan

The Evolution misting fan incorporates a ‘cannon’ design and is effective for areas with restricted height, or long and narrow applications. It projects the fog along a column of air in a single direction up to 50′ from the fan. It provides 250 CFM and can be used for cooling, humidification, or limited dust control for small or restricted areas. It does not include the nozzle. It is recommended that this product utilize our standard or cleanable nozzle with a .006″ orifice (part # 95031 or 95032) or a .008″ orifice (part # 95037, 95033, or 93508). This fan can also incorporate our 3 nozzle cluster (part # 93013) if additional moisture is required. At Fogco we build each outdoor misting fan to be low maintenance and long-lasting.

The Evolution Mini

The Evolution Mini is also a projection fan but does not include the cannon shape housing of the standard Evolution so it can disperse the fog in a smaller area with less projection. It is best suited for humidification in confined areas or low ceiling applications. This product requires the addition of a 12VDC power supply and does not include the nozzle.

Choose Outdoor Cooling & Misting Fans from Fogco

Our industrial cooling fans come in a variety of different styles, sizes, and cooling capacities. The experts at Fogco can help you determine the correct size misting fan to suit your needs. We have cool mist fans that are portable and are ideal for moving around on your deck or patio.

Details for each of these products can be viewed by clicking on the product descriptions below. If you have any questions or want to incorporate one of these products into your misting system, simply fill out the Drop Us a Line contact form in the right-hand margin.