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Importance of Climate Control in Museums

Museums and art galleries provide a priceless glimpse into our past. One of the most important components of effective preservation is the installation and proper usage of a humidification system. With Fogco, you can ensure that each rare artifact and masterpiece remains intact for all museum-goers to admire.

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How Fogco Can Help Control Museum Humidity Levels

Paintings, rare documents, and other precious relics rely on the right humidity levels to avoid damage. If the humidity in your museum or art gallery is too low, you run the risk of cracking and chipping artifacts, whereas high levels of moisture could promote mold growth.

Creating the ideal climate for your museum, art gallery, or library requires special humidification equipment from Fogco.

Keep artifacts, paintings, and documents safe with:

The Revolution®

The Revolution® is our high-pressure humidification fan designed to disperse mist up to 30’. This system is great for large museums, galleries, and libraries that need significant coverage.

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Revolution® Humidification Fan
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The Evolution®

The Evolution® is a cannon-shaped humidification system that produces a high-powered single-column stream of fog that reaches up to 50′. This system is ideal for long, narrow applications.

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Custom Humidification Systems

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Oftentimes, museums and galleries need a custom system to achieve ideal results. Our custom pumps are built for voltages ranging from 115V to 575V 3 Phase. Contact us to learn more about how a custom system can benefit your facility.

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Preserve Your Valuables With Fogco

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Benefits of Using Fogco Humidification Systems For Museums

Preserves Valuables

Your valuables are irreplaceable. Keeping your museum or gallery at the right humidity level adds an extra layer of protection to your collection.

Keeps Staff & Visitors Comfortable

Nobody wants to visit a museum if the air is uncomfortably dry. Humidifying your facility keeps your employees, guests, and volunteers happy all day long.

Cost Effective

Improper humidity levels can cause a slew of costly issues. A humidifier can help prevent damaged woodwork and skyrocketing utility bills.

Reduces Static Electricity

Electrostatic discharge is a real risk that many facilities face. A humidifier greatly reduces the risk of damaged electronics and fires due to flammable chemicals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Accepted Museum Climate Control Standards?

A comfortable climate for museums ranges between 25% and 65% relative humidity.

What Is the Ideal Humidity for Artwork and Other Artifacts?

There is no single ideal humidity level for museums and galleries. Relative humidity should be adjusted depending on what you are preserving. For example, galleries tend to have an RH hovering around 65%.

What Equipment Is Used To Maintain Relative Humidity in a Museum?

Fogco’s humidification systems help maintain a relative humidity level in conjunction with our humidity and temperature controllers.

Can Fogco Install a Humidification System in My Museum or Art Gallery?

Industrial humidification systems for your museum or art gallery should only be installed by a licensed and bonded contractor.

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