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Cooling Challenges and Solutions for Parks & Playgrounds

When the weather warms up, people can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the sunshine with their kids. However, high temperatures can cause children to dehydrate fast. Taking that into consideration, you should always ensure a misting system is set in place for your park or playground.

When you need to play it cool, Fogco has custom outdoor misting solutions.

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How Fogco’s Misting Systems Keep You Cool

Outdoor misting systems are the best way to beat the summer heat. When Fogco’s misting system sprays its fine, atomized water, the droplets will absorb heat and evaporate. This creates an ideal cooling sensation to keep adults and kids comfortable and safe.

Our Solutions

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The Revolution® Series

Our flagship series is capable of covering parks and playgrounds of up to 30 feet. The Revolution® comes with a 2100 CFM misting fan and can attach to covered areas like patios and gazebos. This fan does not include nozzles, but it can easily adapt to our standard or cleanable nozzles.

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The WindChill Series

Our WindChill misting fans can cover playgrounds as big as 900 square feet. These fans use a proprietary deflector plate for an adjustable direction of airflow and come in a variety of powder coat colors to match your park or playground.

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Custom Playground & Park Misting Solutions

Fogco offers customized misting solutions to fit your playground or park requirements. Talk to a cooling specialist about your options, including misting poles.

All Fogco misting fans use high-pressure 1,000 PSI pumps for maximum performance.

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Benefits of Playground & Park Misting Systems

Fogco’s misting systems aren’t just for staying cool. Kids love them, too. A line of misting systems creates a fun environment of floating water for kids to enjoy all summer long.

Here’s what you can expect:

Protection From Blistering Heat
Longer Play Times For Kids
Added Safety & Comfort

Playground & Park Misting FAQ

Do Outdoor Misting Systems Work?

Yes. Outdoor misting systems evaporate heat by capturing and eradicating particles. This makes our outdoor misting systems ideal for your park or playground.

How Long Do Misting Systems Last?

A misting system can last for years as long as the pump is taken care of. Make sure you’re checking and changing the oil of your misting pump yearly.

How Long Should Misters Run?

A misting system from Fogco can be run for eight hours a day, seven days a week.

Do Misters Keep Mosquitos Away?

Yes, misting systems can help keep mosquitos, flies, and other insects away from recreational areas.

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