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Kick Foul Waste Transfer Odors to the Curb

Are foul garbage smells causing issues in your waste management facility?

Unpleasant odors from waste facilities can become harmful to your employees and a nuisance to your company and the community. Wastewater sludge, nitrogenous compounds from composting facilities, and gasses from landfills contribute to the production of foul odors. 

Keep your facility safe and free from fines by installing Fogco’s innovative garbage and waste odor control systems—our scientifically proven odor-controlling solutions designed to eliminate your waste transfer odors for good.

The Revolution® Series

As our flagship series, the Revolution® is a powerful odor control solution designed to disperse atomized mist up to 30’.

For smaller waste management facilities, The Revolution® II can disperse odor-controlling mist up to 15’.

Control Waste Odor With The Revolution®
Revolution® Humidification Fan

How Fogco’s Odor Control Solutions Work

Fogco’s high-pressure misting systems produce a fine, atomized fog that dampens odor molecules by injecting a safe, proprietary agent into the system’s water supply. 

This agent mixed with Fogco’s distribution devices will help you focus on your business instead of the smell by:

Effectively eliminating odor
Reducing the need for costly repairs
Creating a safe environment for employees

The Evolution® Series

Evolution Humidification Fan

Have a facility with restricted height? Our Evolution® Series incorporates a cannon-style design that allows it to project up to 50’ of odor-controlling mist in a single direction.

For smaller areas with low ceiling applications, the Evolution Mini® will suffice.

Control Waste Odor With The Evolution®

Benefits Of Waste Transfer Odor Control

Fewer Repairs

Odor suppression can prevent costly damage to your waste management facility’s equipment, such as combating corrosion and leaks from hydrogen sulfide.

Industry-Lead Experience

With over 30 years of experience, Fogco has established itself as an industry leader in high-pressure fog systems and odor control solutions.

Reduce Complaints

Fogco’s fog and misting systems can improve your community relations by containing and eliminating foul odors and increasing your community’s happiness.


It doesn’t matter whether your facility is indoors or outdoors—Fogco’s misting systems are capable of controlling odors in all types of waste transfer environments for customized solutions.

Fine Tune Your Lines

Fabricating your line distribution to meet your specific needs has never been easier with Fogco’s high-pressure, USA-made nylon and sliplok fittings. This cost-effective option lets you assemble, remove, and re-assemble individual fittings at your convenience without the need for special tools. Our industrial standard sliploks allow leak-proof connections while fostering effortless removal.

Shop Tubings and Fittings

Waste Transfer Odor Control Fog System FAQs

How Do High-Pressure Fog Systems Remove Odors?

A proprietary odor control blend is injected into the water supply of your high-pressure fog system. This harmless injectable solution disperses into the air, latches onto odor molecules, and basically, dismantles them. 

All Fogco fog systems require a high-pressure 1,000 PSI pump to achieve ideal performance.

Will Fog Systems Get My Equipment or Facility Wet?

Our high-pressure technology atomizes water droplets, which means the fog will not produce any condensation on equipment, people, or the ground.

Can Fog Systems Work At An Outdoor Waste Facility?

Fogco’s garbage and waste odor control solutions can effectively eliminate outdoor odors by using the same proprietary odor suppression blend. This solution will cover the perimeter of your facility, preventing foul odors from escaping and affecting your community.

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