Revolution Humidification Fan

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The Revolution misting fan is the flagship of the Desert Fog Fan product range. Due to its unique design, it provides improved evaporative cooling and humidification.

All Fogco humidification fans require the addition of a high pressure 1,000 psi pump to achieve ideal performance.

By including a horizontal deflector plate, the fan can produce a more uniformed distribution of the fog and improved absorption of the moisture.

The addition of the deflector plate produces a focused horizontal air stream into the fog allowing the water droplets to cover a larger area. The system can cool or humidify up to 5 times the amount of air compared to static line misting systems covering up to 3600 square feet or 36,000 cubic feet.

The unit includes a stainless steel fog ring with 10 misting nozzle fittings. Due to the many different applications for this fan, the nozzles are not included. Depending on the conditions on-site, it is recommended to use our .006″ orifice nozzles (part # 95031 or 95032) or our .008″ orifice nozzles (part # 95037, 95033, or 93508) or our .012″ orifice nozzles (part # 95038, 95034, or 93512). For an even heavier fog requirement, our .016″ orifice nozzles (part # 95039, 95035, or 80450) van be used. The nozzles are positioned just above the horizontal air stream effectively dispersing the mist up to 30′ around the perimeter of the fan housing.

The Revolution is available as a ceiling mount or it can be ordered with a freestanding portable base and extended power cord.

This unique fan product provides 2100 cfm and is available in 115V or 230V. It uses 1.8 amps at 115V.