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Agricultural Dust Suppression Systems

The agricultural industry is a necessary part of life. It’s crucial to provide and supply the food we need to survive. Because of this enormous pressure and the tight deadlines involved, those in the agricultural industry can’t afford to experience equipment malfunctions or downtime. However, these issues crop up all too often due to dust challenges.

Dust poses significant issues in agricultural settings, especially in confined, indoor environments such as grain storage facilities, feed mills, fertilizer plants, and rice mills. Luckily, Fogco’s air injection systems and fans are an ideal solution for agricultural dust control.

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Benefits of Dust Control for Agriculture and Farming

Farmers and agricultural workers swear by a quality dust control system. Here’s why:

1. It Improves the Health and Morale of Farmers and Workers

A proper dust control system not only improves productivity but improves the health and morale of farmers and workers. Workers will appreciate you for being proactive about their health and work environment, and will help boost productivity among the team.

2. It Creates Cleaner and Safer Facilities

Who doesn’t want to work in a clean and safe environment? Dust suppression creates cleaner and safer agricultural facilities across the board. This helps keep workers healthy and greatly reduces the risk of crop or livestock contamination.

3. It Reduces the Shrinkage of Grain, Rice, and Other Crop Yields

One of the biggest worries among farmers is crop shrinkage—and as you can imagine, crop shrinkage leads to profit shrinkage. By reducing the risk of crop shrinkage, farmers can maximize their yields and profits.

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Agriculture and Farm Dust Challenges

Grain dust is a huge problem for America’s farmers. Dust is made of fine particles and solid materials that can hinder day-to-day agricultural operations. But the issues don’t stop there; dust can also compromise the health of employees and livestock.

Take a look at the numerous ways dust can impact agricultural and farm operations in the United States.

Employee Health

It’s important to keep dust out of the lungs; otherwise, the repercussions could be catastrophic. Dust exposure can lead to poor work conditions and compromise the health of farmers and their workers. In most cases, prolonged exposure and inhalation of dust can lead to respiratory issues, allergies, and even cancer.

Risk of Dust Explosions

Yes, dust can cause explosions. Dust explosions are a significant concern in grain storage facilities and feed mills. These explosions happen when combustible dust particles create a highly flammable atmosphere, leading to a fuel-air explosion. A fuel-air explosion is most likely to happen in grain elevator operations.

Profit Shortfalls

Grain operators spray grain dust oil to minimize the risk of shrinkage. However, excess dust particles will contribute to the shrinkage of stored grain, rice, and other crops, resulting in major profit shortfalls and a decrease in overall revenue.

Risk of Contaminating Crops or Livestock With Dust

Agricultural workers aren’t the only ones at risk of developing health issues. Crops and livestock can also be impacted by excess dust. Contaminated crops and livestock may wind up compromising the quality of products, leading to food safety concerns for consumers.

Wear and Tear on Equipment

Excess dust can damage equipment and lead to downtime—and downtime can lead to major profit shortfalls. Make sure your equipment is in its best condition by utilizing a dust suppression system from Fogco.

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How Fogco Can Help With Dust Suppression in Indoor Agricultural Environments

Many indoor agricultural environments can benefit from a high-pressure fog system, but some shouldn’t use these types of humidification systems. Instead, Fogco recommends using air injection systems that are designed to meet specific industrial requirements.

Air Injection Nozzles

Air injection systems are a type of industrial humidification application. Fogco’s air injection nozzles are designed to disperse a fine stream of mist that can effectively capture and suppress dust particles in agricultural environments.

The Fogco Air Injection Dry Fog System is an excellent choice for dust suppression. This system can disperse over 150 pounds of fog per hour and includes regulators for easy on-site adjustments.

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8 lb/16 lb Adjustable Air Injection Nozzle with Magnetic Base
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The Revolution®

Our flagship misting fan is a powerful dust suppression system designed to disperse copious amounts of fog. Instead of a nozzle system, The Revolution® is a single fan that produces a horizontal stream of air covering up to 3,600 square feet of space.

This fan can either be mounted to the ceiling or used as a freestanding base. It comes with 10 nozzle fittings, although nozzles are not included.

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The Evolution®

For smaller facilities, the Evolution® is ideal. Designed to disperse fog up to 50 feet, this fan is capable of controlling the climate of small agricultural areas. It’s ideal for lower ceilings and can cover up to 1,000 square feet of space.

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Revolution® II Humidification Fan

Custom Dust Suppression Solutions

At Fogco, we understand all fans may not work in your space. That’s why we offer custom dust suppression solutions to meet your needs. Get in touch with a specialist, and we’ll work with you to determine the best possible dust suppression solution.

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Agricultural Dust Control FAQs

What causes agricultural dust?

Agricultural dust is usually caused by grain handling and drying operations from trucks and unpaved roads. Most of the dust accumulated is linked to the loading and unloading of grains.

How can you reduce dust in indoor agricultural environments?

Dust can be reduced by preventing grain fallout as much as possible. You can also reduce the amount of dust with a high-powered humidification system, which acts as a dust suppressant.

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