Mist Cooling Systems for Outdoor and Indoor Applications

Outdoor cooling systems are an effective way to beat the heat. Mist has been an important aspect of outdoor cooling systems for decades, bringing relief amid otherwise stifling conditions. A properly designed outdoor cooling system can reduce temperatures by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Similar to outdoor cooling, our indoor cooling systems atomize water and utilize the heat in the air to evaporate the water to cool indoor areas like greenhouses, manufacturing facilities, and more. These cooling systems produce the best results when the outside air has a low level of humidity.

Cooling systems such as these are ideal for places like restaurants, theme parks, hotels and resorts, arenas, tennis courts, golf facilities, fountains, waterfalls, patios, and more.

How an Outdoor Mist Cooling System Works

Fogco outdoor misting systems spray atomized water to optimize humidification and cooling. They utilize flash evaporation to cool outdoor environments without the condensation. These cooling devices work as a result of line misting and the cooling of moving air. Think of the sea, for example, and how a cooling effect occurs when the wind blows across the surface of constantly evaporating water.

Low-, mid-, and high-pressure misting lines all rely on evaporation techniques to produce a cooling effect. Misting lines are typically set up around the perimeter of the space that needs to be cooled. From here, water flows through the nozzle and sprays tiny water molecules into the air.

At 1000 PSI, the water droplets produced are as small as 5 microns (5 millionths of a meter) in diameter. These tiny water particles absorb heat from the air and evaporate, creating a vapor, and the energy exchange required for this process results in reduced ambient temperatures.

Outdoor Mist Cooling Systems

The effectiveness of your outdoor cooling system depends on existing temperatures, humidity levels, and the air exchange rate. With high temperatures (above 80 degrees Fahrenheit) and low humidity levels (below 50%), the cooling system results can be dramatic, especially when there is a constant air exchange within the patio. Fresh incoming air is quickly cooled without causing an uncomfortable increase in humidity levels. As with any evaporative cooling process, the more moisture that evaporates, the greater the system’s outdoor cooling capability.

Cooling Misters: A Versatile Outdoor Climate Control Solution

The new Revolution and WindChill Series by Fogco is the latest innovation in climate control and is ideal for evaporative cooling and outdoor cooling applications. Because of the unique design of these units, they can be used indoors and outdoors. Browse our range of solutions and discover which of our products is right for your application.

For further assistance with your climate control system, contact the Fogco Customer Service Department for a consultation and friendly design assistance or visit our troubleshooting page.

Benefits of Implementing an Outdoor Cooling System

Outdoor cooling systems are a great way to create a relaxing refuge for your family or customers so they can stay longer, which could potentially lead to an increase in commercial profits. This method of cooling is also affordable and can be installed practically anywhere.

Indoor Mist Cooling Systems

Mist cooling systems can also be used for indoor applications. For example, Fogco cooling units are frequently used for greenhouse propagation. By maintaining proper air exchange, Fogco high-pressure greenhouse cooling systems can provide temperatures suitable for improved horticulture propagation.

Indoor Cooling System Solutions and Benefits

Fogco makes some of the best cooling systems in the industry, and we pride ourselves on our effective alternatives to costly air conditioning systems. Cooling a warehouse, restaurant, amusement park, or industrial space can be expensive, to say the least; most air conditioners require a significant amount of energy and water to run, but our mist cooling systems can tremendously reduce that usage and save companies money on their utilities.

Fogco mist cooling reduces energy costs and lowers temperatures without straining your budget. These systems work well for industrial plants, warehouses, greenhouses, and much more. Give us a call to hear more about indoor mist cooling or to learn how to configure one of these systems in your space. Keep your home or business cool and comfortable while reducing energy costs with one of Fogco’s many mist cooling systems.

Residential and Industrial Cooling Applications


Home cooling systems from Fogco allow you to enjoy your patio all throughout the hot months. When correctly installed, our outdoor patio cooling systems make it easy and convenient to entertain guests on a deck or in a gazebo. By ensuring a consistent flow of fresh air, the cooling system reduces temperatures and prevents the outdoor environment from feeling thick so that everyone can relax comfortably. Our indoor cooling systems make this kind of comfort possible inside, too!

Check out the Revolution and WindChill Series and take back control of your residential climate today.


Many commercial and industrial establishments have already benefited from Fogco mist cooling products and have seen greater productivity and higher profits. Our industrial cooling systems help management staff ensure the comfort of guests and employees by keeping their facilities sufficiently cool. Fogco’s dust suppression systems, for example, are a very effective product for cooling indoor industrial spaces like warehouses. These systems also have the potential to improve product quality and reduce downtime by keeping industrial machinery running at safe, optimal temperatures.

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