Improve the Quality of Plants

FOGCO mist systems and misting pumps have become standard equipment for all greenhouse climate control applications. This environmental control system can have a dramatic effect on greenhouse productivity. Quality greenhouse mist systems have the ability to control humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide, lighting and even the nutrients plants receive. By having control over the specific conditions of your greenhouse, you will be able to greatly improve the quality of plants, and greatly reduce the costs associated with damaged or defective product.

When it comes to greenhouse climate control, misting systems are invaluable. The capabilities of these mist systems also improves productivity and increases the health of the plants within greenhouses. Our mist systems accomplish this by eliminating “plant water stress,” which is a primary factor in the growth of all plants.

Humidity Control

Greenhouse productivity can be dependent on a number of factors. And although the Fogco misting system cannot control or affect all variables encountered in greenhouses, it does have a positive impact by regulating the temperature, humidity and moisture content within the greenhouse.

The capabilities if these mist systems will improve productivity and increase the health of the plants within the greenhouse. It accomplishes this by eliminating ‘plant water stress’ which is a primary factor in the growth of all plants.

Plants lose their moisture through evaporation from leaves and gather carbon needed for growth in the form of carbon dioxide through leaves. With this in mind, it’s important to control plants’ pores through the use of a properly designed misting system–in fact, it is critical to the plants’ overall health. A properly designed and installed misting system will provide strong healthy plants with optimum growth potential.

Fog systems are also a versatile means of introducing fertilizers (or sanitizers) by injecting nutrients through the mist system directly into the atmosphere, where it is then absorbed through plants’ leaves.

The Revolution Series is one of many Fogco innovations in climate control. It is designed specifically for greenhouse humidification and cooling needs. The Revolution provides better coverage and more effective humidification compared to a traditional static line mist systems.

Temperature Control

Temperature controlled greenhouses are extremely important for healthy plant growth year-round. In most cases, a greenhouse’s temperature is impacted by its built-in ventilation, as well as the amount of sunlight streaming in from outside. Greenhouses themselves are designed to capture and trap the sun’s warmth, so the interior temperature can fluctuate as the sun rises and sets.

Without any type of temperature control, a greenhouse would be cool at night and warm during the day. But with temperature control systems, controlling the interior greenhouse temperature is fairly simple. Today’s advanced technology makes it possible for vents and other elements to open and close to adjust the temperature on their own.

Fogco’s Remote Temperature/Humidity Sensor is the ideal solution for a temperature-controlled greenhouse. Our sensors are fully calibrated and connected directly with our FOGCOntroller or FOGCOntroller II. Our products are designed especially to ensure that artificial humidity and temperature systems work well and improve the overall quality and growth of greenhouse plants.

Mist Control

Misting is imperative to ensure that greenhouse plants stay hydrated and healthy during the heat of the summer months, when the sun is the strongest and greenhouses become very hot. With automatic mist systems, greenhouse plants stay hydrated around the clock. These systems also greatly improve the productivity of the plants, allowing them to grow faster. The Fogco mist control system automatically adjusts to ensure that the right amount of mist is distributed using timers and valve systems.

Fogco offers various misting kits and pumps to ensure the health of greenhouse plants across various industries. We provide a broad range of 1000-psi high-pressure misting systems, as well as customized solutions, all manufactured with the highest quality components. Our mist control systems are specially designed to ensure that water droplets are uniform, which in turn ensures that all water particles are absorbed effectively and equally.

Another important benefit of Fogco mist control systems is the suppression of dust and airborne particles. Without an effective mist control system, industrial greenhouses run the risk of harmful dust suppressing the growth pattern of plants. By reducing the amount of plant damage, greenhouses can reduce the risk of damaged and defective plants, as well as the costs associated with loss of product.

Season Control

Greenhouse productivity can also be impacted by the plants’ natural tendency to grow more in one season, and less in another. In these cases, it becomes important to adjust your greenhouse’s lighting and temperature settings in order to make a plant think it’s in a different season. It’s important to ensure that your greenhouse is equipped with products that can sense and control temperature.

When seasons change and weather becomes unpredictable, the last thing you want is to worry about the growth and production of greenhouse plants. To ensure consistent greenhouse plant growth regardless of the season, Fogco uses high-quality temperature, lighting, C02, misting and fog systems to ensure that plants receive all the nutrients, and the ideal environment, they need to flourish year-round.