Humidity & Temperature Controllers

Fogco’s humidity and temperature controllers are all proprietary in design. They have been developed by Fogco specifically for cooling and humidification control using a misting system.

About Our Humidity Control Systems

The FOGCOntroller II is a single zone controller with 2 separate single-pole/double-throw relays with programmable delay start/stop. This unit can be operated with the internal sensor or it can be connected to one of our external sensors if remote monitoring is required. This controller requires a 24 VAC power supply.

Fogco has also developed a line of plug-and-play remote controls designed to be used for any motor up to 2 HP at 115V and 3 HP at 230V. The Universal Remote Control (URC) range is available in 20 amp versions for both 115V and 230V systems. These units provide automated operation of the misting system from a remote location up to 150 feet away. Additional transmitters/receivers can be used to control other pump functions.

The remote control unit comes with a key fob transmitter and wireless receiver (in one of 5 available rf channels), and a motor start contactor mounted in an outdoor-rated enclosure. The remote control includes a 6-foot power cord and a female receptacle (for plugging the pump directly into the remote control box).