FOGCOntroller 2 Zone Microprocessor

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This 2 zone temperature/humidity microprocessor was designed specifically for use with mist systems for outdoor cooling and humidification.  It provides pressure switch control; control of the misting system water supply and zone valves; the separate control of a series of mist fans, and independent control of the mist pump.  The controller can accept two separate humidity/temperature sensors and control three separate components for zone 1 and three separate components for zone 2.

The FOGCOntroller offers three different sensor operating modes including Temperature; Humidity; and Temperature/Humidity. Temperature/Humidity is a proprietary operating mode.  It allows for temperature control of the misting system with an over ride shut-off function if the humidity exceeds a programmable ‘comfortable’ level.

The programmable set point range for humidity is from 30% up to 99% with a hysteresis range of 1% to 9%. It is recommended that the Fogco High Humidity sensor be used for humidity levels above 70%. The programmbale set point for temperature is between 75 degrees and 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

This temperature and humidity controller requires the use of an external 50 watt 24VAC transformer as a power supply.


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