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Ripening Room Humidification Systems

Ripening rooms or chambers support the ripening process of green bananas and other fruits. These rooms are an important part of the agriculture industry as they safely prepare fruit for a longer shelf life. However, an imbalance in humidity levels can throw off the ripening process, affecting productivity, the integrity of the fruit, and your ROI.

Fogco’s air injection systems act as an optimal humidification solution for ripening rooms, ensuring your fruit undergoes a slow and healthy ripening process without unwanted wetness.

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Why Humidity Control for Fruit Matters

Humidity supports the ripening process of bananas by preventing bruising and brown spots. The right humidity level helps keep bananas firm, healthy, and ready for grocery store shelves. The right humidity level not only improves the look and feel of the bananas but also enables you to make a better profit. 

So what happens when your ripening room falls below or rises above a 95% humidity level? Your fruit becomes susceptible to fungi, bacteria, and other humidity-related diseases. Mold, mildew, and premature bruising or browning can cost you in profits if you’re not maintaining a proper humidification level.

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Humidification Challenges in Ripening Rooms

One of the biggest humidification challenges farmers and supermarkets face is the transportation process of bananas. Bananas are transported into the United States, which means they have a long journey ahead of them—and they’ll need to be humidified during that journey. Ripening chambers can be outfitted with an air injection system to make sure bananas get the humidity they need to survive this trek.

Additionally, farmers without an air injection system will have a significantly harder time maintaining the health of their bananas and fruits than farmers who utilize one. Farmers should consider the following factors when selecting an air injection system:

  • The size of the ripening room or facility  
  • The type of produce they’re ripening  
  • Their energy costs and consumption  
  • Their maintenance requirements
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How Fogco Helps Humidify Ripening Rooms

Many applications can benefit from a high-pressure fog system, but ripening rooms shouldn’t use these types of humidification systems. Instead, Fogco recommends air ripeners like our air injection systems that are designed to meet industrial requirements.

Fogco Air Injection System

Fogco’s Air Injection Dry Fog System can generate over 150 pounds of dry fog per hour. With the flexibility to make on-site adjustments, farmers can fine-tune system performance by modifying desired air and water pressure.

For the best possible output, Fogco’s Air Injection System requires compressed air at a minimum of 80 PSI and 25 CFM, along with a water pressure of 60 PSI to achieve the maximum output of 150 pounds per hour.

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Custom Humidification Systems

Sometimes, your ripening room or chamber needs a custom solution. Fogco offers customized humidification solutions for farmers and professionals in the agriculture industry. Speak with a humidification specialist to get started.

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Ripening Room FAQs

What is the recommended humidity level in a ripening room?

Depending on its capacity, the recommended humidity level in a ripening room or ripening chamber is 95%. Contact Fogco to discuss your specific ripening room requirements.

What types of fruit should be stored in a ripening room?

Most ripening rooms are designed for bananas. However, many ripening rooms can be designed for fruits such as pears, avocados, and mangos.

What risks are associated with improper humidity levels in ripening rooms?

Ripening rooms that aren’t properly humidified can cause bananas and other fruits to go bad, which leads to product and profit loss. Bananas and other fruits might also fall victim to mold, mildew, and bacterial growth.

Gray mold (Botrytis) is one of the most common types of humidity-related issues we see. Botrytis fungus will grow when a sudden drop in humidity meets a sudden temperature rise. Other issues include powdery mildew, downy mildew, edema, and bacterial soft rot.

Do I need multiple ripening rooms?

Bananas need more than one ripening room. Some ripening rooms can be outfitted with a multi-fruit capability to hold and ripen fruits other than bananas.

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