FOGCOntroller Microprocessor Temperature/Humidity 2 Zone

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The FOGCOntroller is 24 VAC microprocessor for controlling 2 zones and accepts input from two separate sensors. The controller has 5 independent programmable relays that can control a series of fans, zone valves, and the pump.

The controllers humidity settings range from 30% to 99% with a hysteresis range of between 1 and 9. The controllers temperature settings range from 75 degrees to 99 degrees with a hysterisis range between 1 and 9.

The standard sensor will have an accuracy of +/- 2% and is recommended for applications requiring from 10% to 70% humidity. It is recommended that the Fogco High Humidity sensor be used for applications requiring humidity levels above 70% to avoid condensation on the sensor chip.

The controller requires a 50 watt 24 VAC transformer as a power supply.