FOGCOntroller II

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This controller will allow you to automatically control the humidity levels within your facility.  The controller includes an internal humidity sensor OR the controller can be connected to our remote sensor using the necessary length of instrumentation cable and two 4 pin connectors.  The FOGCOntroller II includes two output relays that have a programmable delay start and stop.

The FOGCOntroller II provides automated operation of any fog system. The humidity settings range from 10% to 99% with a hysteresis range between 1% and 9%. This multi-relay microprocessor can control a series of fans and the water supply to the system as well as the mist pump motor start and stop. The controller is a single zone microprocessor and requires an external 50 watt 24 VAC transformer.

The integrated sensor is a fully calibrated re flow humidity sensor with digital output that sends binary data over RS485 protocol. The sensor will have an accuracy of /- 2%. The sensor follows typical SHT15 standards. This humidity controller can also operate with one of our external sensors.

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