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Keep Air Clean & Suppress Dust with a Fog Cannon

Fogco is pleased to introduce our latest product offering, the Fogco FogCannon® — designed specifically for the commercial and industrial dust suppression market.

The Fogco product range is the largest on the market and includes the highest quality components and state of the art technology. Our dust suppression units include pole and base mount as well as trolley mount and customized self-sustaining units.

Ultimate Dust Control Solutions for Any Job

The Fogco FogCannon® products control dust at the source by emitting extreme air velocity with large volumes of fine water droplets that physically capture and push dust to the ground, completely suppressing it from the air in virtually any site and under virtually any condition.

This range of high-performance fog cannons provides the ultimate solution for total dust and odor suppression as well as indoor humidification and indoor or outdoor cooling. The product line includes High Pressure (HP), Light Duty (LD), Heavy Duty (HD), Extreme Duty (EX), and the Custom Duty (CD) design. The range can be used both indoors or out and provide throws from 50′ to an extreme distance of 500′.

High Pressure

With the high pressure pump, ideal for cooling, humidification, and dust/odor control applications.

Light Duty

Perfect for smaller work zones such as construction sites, recycling plants, scrap yards, etc.

Heavy Duty

Designed to be flexible and adaptable to harsh environments like mines, ports, quarries, etc.

Extreme Duty

Made for the toughest and most demanding job sites with throw distances up to 500 feet.

Custom Duty Fog Cannons & Dust Suppression Systems

The CD line is our most flexible line, allowing any Fogco Fogcannon® products to be trailer mounted. It can include an extendable cantilever arm, an independent water source, and an electric generator making the CD units completely autonomous and self sustaining.