Finer Atomization Through Higher Pressure

The Fogco FogCannon® HP is a high-pressure version of the FogCannon range. It includes a 1,400-psi high-pressure pump, a medium-sized cannon capable of providing throws up to 60 feet, and is mounted on a 3-wheel portable trolley.

By utilizing a high-pressure pump and operating at 1400 psi, finer atomization of the water droplets is achieved providing effective indoor or outdoor cooling; indoor humidification, and indoor dust and odor control.

The Fogco FogCannon® HP is 34.5” wide X 44” long x 70” tall and weighs 225 lbs.

FogCannon HP

The Fogco FogCannon® HP is a high-pressure FogCannon on a portable 3-wheel cart. It is designed for indoor dust control, indoor humidification; and indoor or outdoor cooling.

The unit comes with a .5 GPM, 1400 psi high-pressure pump; an 18” fan mounted in a cone-shaped cannon with adjustable tilt; a 25’ power cord, and separate controls for the fan and the pump. The cart is treated, powder-coated, and has heavy-duty tires; a solid steel cannon with high-efficiency vent and airflow straighteners and a stainless-steel fog ring with 8 nozzle fittings. GPM can range from .13 GPM to .044 GPM based upon nozzle selection. The unit requires 115V power and has 10 FLA.

Weight — 225 lbs
Dimensions — 44 × 38 × 70 in