Copper Tubing for Mist Systems

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The Fogco pre-fabricated copper mist tubing is available in 10 foot lengths with mist nozzle spacing of 18″, 24″, and 30″. Custom lengths are also available.

Our pre-fabricated copper tubing is always soldered together, never ‘pressed’ together, so we can guarantee a leak proof assembly now and for years into the future. We use only professional plumbing grade materials and techniques for all our tubing fabrication.

The copper tubing can be soldered using standard 1/4″ nominal copper fittings. The range includes couplings, 3 way T’s, elbows, and specialty nozzle adapters. The copper tubing can also be assembled using double ferruled compression fittings.

Fogco also offers custom lengths and custom mist nozzle spacing. Call our Customer Service Department for special pricing.