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How Humidification Benefits Various Industries

By August 10, 2018February 15th, 2023No Comments

Humidification Systems Benefit Various Industries

Many Industries Need Specific Humidity Levels

If you work in an industrial environment, you know the importance of humidity. If you have too much moisture or too little moisture in the air in a textile plant, cannabis grow facility, or wine storage warehouse (just to name a few), you could put your inventory, equipment, and entire business at risk.

Humidification systems regulate the moisture in the air and prevent potentially harmful side effects that can come with depleting moisture levels. Controlling the moisture levels of your buildings can enhance the efficiency of your production process and generate more profits overall. This is why there are so many different industries that have put humidification systems to good use—and benefited from them in a big way.

Printing and paper storage facilities are two great examples of industries that are taking advantage of humidification systems and reaping the benefits. Most printing facilities use printing machines that won’t work if the humidity level inside of a building is too high or too low. The machines aren’t able to print billboards, banners, or other high-end projects when there are humidity issues. Paper mills and paper storage facilities, meanwhile, can suffer the consequences if paper is exposed to humidity for too long. The paper can curl up and show signs of severe damage because of moisture in the air. It can cost companies that operate out of printing and paper storage facilities a lot of money in the long run.

Humidification systems are the solution to the humidity problem for many companies. Humidification systems that incorporate products like the REVOLUTION® HUMIDIFICATION FAN can control irregular humidity levels in their facilities. When combined with a properly designed high-pressure system, misting fans can provide evaporative cooling and humidification to keep humidity levels just right. The humidification fan has a horizontal deflector plate that distributes fog evenly throughout a facility while also absorbing moisture. It is capable of either cooling or humidifying up to 3,600 square feet.

Humidification Systems in Wood Processing Facilities

Wood processing facilities are highly dependent on humidity. These facilities can include sawmills, wood processing plants, and woodworking shops making handmade wood furniture, custom doors, or even wood components used in interior design.

As an organic material that is highly sensitive to humidity or direct moisture, wood expands and contracts significantly based on ambient moisture. The higher the moisture content in the air, the more likely wood is to expand. In the summer, when air is dry to extremely dry, and in winter, when heating is used in shops and fabrication facilities, wood shrinks. This is known as hygroscopic behavior, or the change in wood due to relative humidity.

In sawmills, the biggest concern lies in drying wood. Once dried to the correct internal moisture levels, it is ideal to maintain that level to prevent shrinking and expanding.


For wood furniture, flooring, and other applications, avoiding both too much or too little humidity will increase the quality of production and also help reduce dust in the work environment. The ideal humidity level depends on the type of wood and the optimal equilibrium moisture content.

Zone control also provides a humidity system responsive to the ambient humidity. By having different parts of the facility separately controlled through internal or external hygrometers on system efficiency, cost savings and ideal conditions can be maintained between storage areas and work areas.

Fogco Industrial Humidification Systems

At Fogco, we offer misting fans that can meet both the cooling and humidification requirements of many industries. The intended effect is to achieve an even distribution of mist and an optimum absorption of moisture. Fogco fans that address humidity issues in particular include the Revolution, Revolution II, Evolution, and Evolution Mini.

The Revolution: Our flagship product, The Revolution, is a branded design that incorporates a 2100 CFM humidification misting fan. It can disperse cooling mist at a range of 30 feet, enabling the fan to cover a large footprint of up to 3,600 square feet. The Revolution is available as a portable stand unit or as a ceiling mount. The Revolution II is a smaller version of the Revolution. 

The Evolution: For areas that have a height restriction or a constricted space such as long and narrow areas, The Evolution misting fan is ideal. It consists of a cannon design that is perfect for blanketing these tight areas with mist. The Evolution focuses a column in a single direction at a length of 50 feet. The unit can also be used for limited dust control scenarios, as well as for humidification and cooling purposes.

Evolution Mini: As a projection fan, The Evolution Mini disperses fog in a smaller area with less projection than The Evolution fan. It is ideal for humidity control in smaller areas or in spaces with low ceilings.

As mentioned above, a variety of commercial and industrial applications require the use of humidification systems. These systems offer excellent coverage and more effective results when compared to static line systems.

At Fogco, we are committed to innovation and taking our humidity and temperature control products to the next level. Our team is committed to providing the humidity control and misting system products you need to optimize your applications.

If you run an industrial facility and don’t have a humidification system in place now, Fogco can install a humidification system for you. The fan can be mounted to a ceiling or used along with a freestanding portable base. Regardless of how you use it, it’ll help you maintain your humidity levels and protect your inventory, equipment, and building.

Contact Fogco online or call us at 800-607-6478 for a free quote or simply for more information to start planning out your system today.

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