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Misting Systems

Common Misconceptions About Mist Systems

By July 24, 2017February 16th, 2020No Comments

Fogco specializes in designing products for commercial and residential misting systems. For our residential customers, the primary concern is creating a cool and comfortable outdoor living space. Many of our commercial customers, including restaurants, bars, hotels and other similar venues, are also looking for the same result in atmosphere.

Our industrial mist systems are often required to complete a range of different tasks. They are used to help regulate internal or external work in production areas, maintain temperatures, and often assist with additional needs for dust control.

These industrial systems are also effective with odor control and maintaining the humidity in the air at specific percentages for various aging, storing or processing of materials.

We often hear people talking about mist systems without having all the facts. To help address some of the common misconceptions we hear, let’s take a look at the reality of any system.

Misting Systems are High Maintenance

Our systems are built to last and are low maintenance. With our special lines and nozzles, there are only minimal maintenance requirements. Even our pumps are designed to run with just basic checks on a standard schedule.

Misting Systems Leave Water Everywhere

The truth is that many of the low quality misting systems do leave water droplets around and under the nozzles. This is because of the poor design of the nozzles or inconsistent pressure through the system that allows the water droplets to bead rather than be produced in a micron sized fog.

With our Fogco products, these misconceptions can be put to rest. Let us configure and design the right system for your space, ensuring satisfaction with all of our products and components.

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