Fogco’s Beneficial Role in the Mining Industry

December 14th, 2018 | Posted by Gary Wintering

Sand Mining Machine Those who work in the mining industry are responsible for mining all types of elements. From coal to diamonds, miners specialize in unearthing all types of essential materials. While all mined materials play their own unique part in the world, you could argue that construction aggregates like sand and gravel are some of the most essential.

The mining industry provides these aggregates to companies that build roads, foundations, railroads, and so much more. Without them, the world would look and feel a lot different than it does today.

The mining industry has mastered the process that it uses to collect construction aggregates over the years. But there is still one problem that plagues the miners who oversee bringing aggregates up to the surface during mining. They’re routinely subjected to large amounts of dust that can make mining sites uncomfortable and, in some cases, even unsafe. It can be dangerous for miners to breathe in large amounts of dust while mining aggregates and other materials. It is vital that mining companies invest in dust suppression systems for their worksites.

Fogco developed the FogCannon for companies that struggle with dust suppression issues in a variety of different industries.

The FogCannon is capable of sending fine water droplets out into the air on a mining site in order to knock dust down and bring it back down to earth. Companies that use the FogCannon make the working conditions on their mining sites safer. They’re also able to avoid unnecessary delays and fines caused by dust when mining for aggregates and other materials.

Do you want to see how the FogCannon can help those in the mining industry? Our heavy-duty FogCannon is usually best for companies that are looking for dust suppression solutions in and around mines. Call Fogco at 800-607-6478 today to see how beneficial a FogCannon can be on your mining site.