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Understanding Cannabis Foggers and Misting Systems

By September 10, 2018January 29th, 2024No Comments
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Many greenhouse and indoor cannabis grow facilities face issues when it comes to odor control, humidification, cooling, disinfecting, and sterilizing. High-pressure fog systems play a key role in helping cannabis grow facilities eliminate common issues:

Cannabis Odor Control 

Odor control is one of the most prominent problems in cannabis production. The cannabis plant releases a pungent odor, and many states have called on facilities to figure out a way to prevent that odor from escaping their premises. Some facilities have turned to charcoal filter systems to get rid of the odor, but they can prove to be both expensive and difficult to maintain. 

High-pressure fog systems offer an alternative method of cannabis odor control. High-pressure fog systems utilize all-natural and biodegradable ingredients to knock out the molecules that cause odors associated with cannabis production. 

Cannabis Humidification

Humidification is another concern for many cannabis grow facility operators, as humidity levels often need to be high in order to produce cannabis. Misting fan products can raise humidity levels in grow facilities during the flowering stage. Misting fans can also help during the drying and curing processes that need to be conducted in smaller sections of cannabis facilities.

Cannabis Cooling

Some cannabis facilities struggle to keep their buildings cool enough for cannabis plants to grow. High-pressure misting systems can bring temperatures down at just a fraction of the cost of traditional air conditioning units. These systems will maintain the temperature in your facility through cooling and will allow you to grow cannabis in any climate.

Cannabis Disinfecting and Sterilizing

Fungus and pests are two of the most devastating developments for any cannabis grow facility. In some cases, contamination like this can result in a product that is not suitable for medical use or distribution of any kind. 

High-pressure fog systems are filled with billions of micron-sized droplets, allowing complete penetration of the entire canopy of the flowering cannabis plant. The result is total coverage of all leaves and buds in a matter of seconds, preventing fungus and deterring pests. 

Don’t hesitate to contact Fogco to discuss your particular needs. We’ll design a misting system that addresses the specific requirements of your cannabis grow facility. 

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