Air Injection Control Box

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When it comes to controlling the humidity in your facility, the team at FOGCO is always here to give you the tools you need to get the job done. With the Air Injection Control Box from FOGCO, you will have full control of humidification levels. This box allows you to produce dry fog with superior atomization.

The integrated FOGCOntroller II humidity controller and the electric air and water valves automate the operation of the entire system. The adjustable air and water regulators and corresponding panel mount gauges provide precise control of the humidity system output. The FOGCOntroller II microprocessor will maintain the required humidity levels based on the programmable settings. The controller can also stagger the start and stop of the air and water lines to ensure ideal atomization.

The Control Box includes 1/2″ slip lok fittings for the incoming and outgoing air and water supply. This slip lok concept is also used for the connections from the main feed line to the individual nozzle branch lines. This system is effective for humidification requirements as high as 99% in any environment and under all conditions. The box will provide up to 150 lbs/hr and requires at least 80 psi and 25 cfm air supply and 60 psi water supply. The control box can handle up to 10 Drip Free or standard Fogco Air Injection nozzles. The control box operates on 115V or 230V power and can be modified to accept any AC or DC voltage control signal. The entire system is rated for use with treated water.

Overall this air injection humidity system comes complete with a variety of features designed to make the entire humidifying process as simple as possible. To learn more about this device you can browse our site or contact us now!

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 10 in